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573 4 days ago is ok) unread Nelly  
568 1 month ago Add PTR for IPv6 chatting loewis python_ss
515 5 months ago Full text search doesn't return results chatting lemburg  
463 23 months ago HTTPS only version for login for this tracker chatting techtonik  
562 yesterday Gmail (google) marks registration email as spam chatting cpburnz  
571 1 month ago Make the user form uneditable if current user is not authenticated and is not the owner of the profile in-progress geosim geosim
551 1 month ago Make the user form uneditable if current user is not authenticated and is not the owner of the profile chatting hieu.nguyen  
569 2 months ago Add a "3.5regression" keyword unread yselivanov  
458 3 months ago editing "homepage" field is not possible chatting kristjan.jonsson  
531 3 months ago Search pagination is broken chatting techtonik ezio.melotti
564 5 months ago Password reset sends new password to wrong email chatting ikelly  
556 7 months ago Server error when trying to change homepage chatting The Compiler  
553 8 months ago SMTP server blacklisted? unread pitrou  
557 9 months ago "broken form: multiple @action values submitted" on show issue unread serhiy.storchaka  
547 13 months ago Status has invalid option "- no selection -" chatting terry.reedy  
541 16 months ago hotmail thinks is a spam IP unread r.david.murray  
536 17 months ago Search results are sometimes incomplete chatting terry.reedy  
190 24 months ago security problem chatting phr  
195 24 months ago upport chatting loewis izak
517 24 months ago Issue Tracker crashes when replying to patch review chatting jasujm  
511 30 months ago openid login isn't remembered chatting pitrou  
508 30 months ago 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'user_has_selected_nickname' unread petri.lehtinen  
507 31 months ago Tracker allows a user to change username to existing username. chatting ramchandra.apte  
500 32 months ago Posting changes from "old" tracker pages causes spurious updates chatting stephen  
492 34 months ago make "Failed issue tracker submission" e-mails to python-dev less cryptic chatting chris.jerdonek ezio.melotti
490 34 months ago Review links crash after changing username unread heikki.partanen  
484 35 months ago AttributeError 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'issue' when replying to issue chatting chris.jerdonek  
414 36 months ago Mercurial integration: verify repo when adding chatting eric.araujo  
264 39 months ago Mail gateway borks quotes and console sessions chatting ajaksu2  
467 39 months ago People searches return all issues chatting terry.reedy  
393 39 months ago Security policy should be visible on top page of tracker, maybe every page chatting stephen ezio.melotti
365 40 months ago No issue exists with that id chatting ipatrol  
295 40 months ago title is changed by email updates when only whitespace had changed chatting r.david.murray  
372 41 months ago Default search missed matching issue title for "capi" chatting ncoghlan  
449 41 months ago Sending email to could create bug report with wrong name. unread ramchandra.apte  
439 41 months ago Email notifictations not received for rietveld review chatting dmalcolm  
434 42 months ago ProgrammingError while deleting patch set chatting Retro  
435 43 months ago Rietveld Code Review Tool bugs chatting Retro  
432 45 months ago Rietveld traceback chatting pitrou  
408 45 months ago Tracker development setup fails chatting vinay.sajip  
424 45 months ago Rietveld: AssertionError when trying to reply to comments chatting nadeem.vawda  
382 50 months ago Bad CC on review chatting pitrou  
389 53 months ago Weird behaviour when logging in using the registered email address and not the login name unread carsten.klein  
367 56 months ago "patch" keyword buggy chatting pitrou  
369 56 months ago email gateway refused comment posting chatting pitrou  
286 75 months ago Spam issues created using forged email chatting pefu512  
235 79 months ago incorrent To: headers in mail sent from tracker upon error processing email chatting gregory.p.smith  
567 3 months ago Develop roundup without installing chatting introom  
563 7 months ago activity date search does not return all issues with activity on that date chatting ethan.furman  
555 10 months ago Registration does not report name conflicts chatting towb  
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