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msg778 (view) Author: jrush Date: 2007-09-13.12:36:53
To help raise the visibility of bug work in the Python community, consider
adding a series of RSS feeds for those who keep RSS viewers at-hand all day. 
This can take either of two forms:

1) Add to the RSS list those bugs that have some activity, whether closing or
not, similar to how the PEP RSS feed jumps a doc to the front when it changes. 
People would then click thru to follow the activity.

2) Keep on the RSS list the highest priority N bugs; this would be a slow
changing list but the idea is to motivate people to 'knock them off' the list
because they keep seeing them and getting mindshare.

Another possibility is a 'quick things to do' RSS feed, if the bugs were so
tagged.  In this case its the person who has 1-2 hours free, sees a
quick-response bug and tackles it spontaneously.

Any RSS feed URL should take a few URL qualifiers, to select between Python 2.x
and Python 3.x bugs, for those not yet using/working on Python 3.x.  These
qualifiers could be also be used to get the short-duration action items, or the
oldest on the list or only documentation bugs for tech writers, etc.  Not saying
go crazy here with a full query language, just provide a handful of distinctions.

In general I find the bugs system for Python to be rather invisible in the local
community - people think they get fixed by gnomes in the night. ;-)  With this
feature I'm trying to raise that visibility.
msg1334 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-04-17.10:10:46
Rough implementation of RSS feeds, filters do work but description (and raw XML)
could use some more polishing.

Per issue:
With filters:
msg1987 (view) Author: eric.araujo Date: 2011-04-13.16:02:32
FWIW, Atom is a better choice than the various RSS formats.
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