Title Allow display of selected issue sets
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Created on 2009-03-05.20:46:10 by ajaksu2, last changed 2010-08-27.00:12:56 by eric.araujo.

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msg1206 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-05.20:46:09
Add a checkbox per issue on index (home, search results) pages and a button
that, when pressed, shows the same view but with only the previously selected
issues on display.

Hopefully this will enable us to cherry pick search results, bookmark arbitrary
issue sets and sets the foundations to allow merging result-sets.

The last chunk of the patch is pretty crude, making it better should also give
us stable "Sort on" pre-selection on displayed issue sets.
msg1226 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2009-03-08.11:01:30
The patch is out of date. Can you please update it?
msg1335 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-04-17.17:32:58
Here's a cleaner, updated patch.
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