Title message_count and nosy_count changes appear in every mail
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Created on 2009-03-10.00:18:55 by amaury.forgeotdarc, last changed 2009-04-28.13:06:36 by ajaksu2.

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msg1233 (view) Author: amaury.forgeotdarc Date: 2009-03-10.00:18:55
Almost every email shows the change of the message_count and nosy_count 
properties. For 
    message_count: 17.0 -> 18.0
    nosy: +ncoghlan
    nosy_count: 7.0 -> 8.0

I suggest to remove these fields from the emails: they are only noise, and tend 
to hide 
more import changes (the status for example)
msg1234 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2009-03-10.01:21:34
Unfortunately, that's difficult to implement.
msg1235 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-10.01:35:16
Amaury Forgeot d'Arc wrote:
> I suggest to remove these fields from the emails: they are only noise, and tend
> to hide more import changes (the status for example)

I'll try to hide them in emails and the history log.
msg1236 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-10.15:05:39
This patch cleans the history log, emails and ok_message. Might fix it in a more
elegant way later, but should be enough for now.
msg1238 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2009-03-10.23:04:00
Ok, committed as r70304. This is very hackish, so I do plan to revert it at some
point entirely. cbb - could be better.
msg1239 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-11.00:52:57
Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Ok, committed as r70304. This is very hackish, so I do plan to revert it at some
> point entirely. cbb - could be better.

I agree completely and will work on it soon. I see two cleaner ways to
do this, both below the template layer.

The first is making the change-list builders more flexible, so they
accept a list of properties to ignore. This would touch
roundupdb.generateChangeNote and cgi.templating._HTMLItem.history. The
ignore list would be provided by templates and by the sendmail

Or we could create a new _Type (say, Integer) that would be
initialized with "do_journal='no'" and wouldn't appear in history
logs. I haven't seen a way to register new _Types so far, so it might
have to happen in hyperdb.

These fields need a searching interface, display in index/item views
and a way to search for intervals, so we're definitely going to spend
a bit of time on them :)

msg1243 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-17.21:44:08
Here's a small change to roundup-src that allows omitting message and nosy
counts more cleanly. It applies to both template history and email messages.
msg1244 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-17.21:46:23
This patch reverts nosy_noise.diff and sets .do_journal=False to message_count
and nosy_count, allowing them to be omitted from emails and template change history.
msg1269 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2009-03-21.19:42:48
Isn't this incomplete? Won't it continue to include the change to the counters
in the change notes?
msg1270 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-21.20:39:34
Argh, I broke creation of new issues. This should fix it, I'll test the change
notes now.
msg1273 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-21.21:35:52
Yes, change notes in ok_message still appeared. This new patch fixes it but
starts to fell hackish, any suggestion welcome :)
msg1274 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-03-21.21:36:54
And a updated python-dev version, no changes beyond diffing from new SVN version.
msg1275 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2009-03-21.22:03:37
My proposal would be to introduce "silent" properties (i.e. a .silent attribute,
or perhaps .quiet). Those will not appear in journals, and not in change notes.
The attribute should be present on all properties (so hasattr won't be needed),
and default to false.
msg1304 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-04-06.04:52:15
Here's a cleaner version, I'll submit the roundup part upstream.
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