Title Auto add users as nosy based on components
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Created on 2009-04-04.01:58:40 by ajaksu2, last changed 2009-04-25.09:17:00 by loewis.

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msg1294 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-04-04.01:58:39
This patch allows users to be added to the nosy list in a similar way
auto-assigning works.

Given that the current UI isn't great for adding auto-nosy users, I think we
should do that sparingly :)
msg1333 (view) Author: ajaksu2 Date: 2009-04-17.03:10:06
Patch that works correctly for issues that already had nosy users.

Demo at:
msg1362 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2009-04-25.09:17:00
Thanks for the patch. Committed as r71868.
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