Title title is changed by email updates when only whitespace had changed
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msg2081 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2011-06-08.01:50:59
There is actually another problem here that this doesn't address.  What happens periodically is that someone changes the issue title, then someone else replies to a previous message on the issue, and the title gets changed back to the old title.  What would be ideal would be if we can detect that the change is sourced in an email submission and disallow changing the issue title from the email.  I think this would be acceptable since if I recall correctly we already disallow changing properties via the special syntax in the email title.
msg2082 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2011-06-08.01:52:06
An advantage of doing the fix the way I just suggested is that it would be done in a reactor and not require a patch to the roundup source.
msg2083 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2011-06-09.17:18:13
Apparently there's no way for a detector to know if a message comes from an email or from the web interface, so using a detector to prevent title changes from emails is not possible.
The whitespace normalization can still be done with a detector though.  Another option is to do it in the mailgw, adding a config option to enable/disable it and submit the patch upstream to Roundup.
For the record the problem of the title changed while replying to an older message has been reported in #395.
msg2499 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2012-05-22.00:52:10
> Apparently there's no way for a detector to know if a message
> comes from an email or from the web interface

msg3410 (view) Author: rouilj Date: 2017-10-28.01:05:09
Also in 2.6 there is an option in config.ini:

# Update issue title if incoming subject of email is different.
# Setting this to "no" will ignore the title part of the subject
# of incoming email messages.
# Allowed values: yes, no
# Default: yes
subject_updates_title = no

now that the tracker is upgradedyou should be able to enable that flag.
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