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msg1890 (view) Author: pitrou Date: 2011-01-04.11:14:21
This is because I replied to an issue which has square brackets in its title. Apparently it confuses roundup:

“There were problems handling your subject line argument list:
- not of form [arg=value,value,...;arg=value,value,...]

Subject was: "Re: [issue8458] buildbot: test_cmd_line failure on Tiger: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor"“

Perhaps a simple matter of greedy/non-greedy regex?
msg1891 (view) Author: gbrandl Date: 2011-01-04.11:48:46
This is a roundup issue, not a Python tracker issue, isn't it?
msg1892 (view) Author: pitrou Date: 2011-01-04.11:54:42
> This is a roundup issue, not a Python tracker issue, isn't it?

Yes, certainly.
msg3411 (view) Author: rouilj Date: 2017-10-28.01:22:04
This is same as: issue640 I think. Same solution set loose subject parsing in config.ini in the newer roundup code.
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