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msg1932 (view) Author: pitrou Date: 2011-03-26.15:54:33
In, the computed "CC" of review e-mails is bad:

",, Antoine Pitrou, haypo, Arfrever.FTA@GMail.Com, Trundle,"

You'll notice that some people (Antoine Pitrou, haypo, Trundle) don't have their e-mails expanded, and will therefore not receive any notifications.
msg2088 (view) Author: eric.araujo Date: 2011-06-16.14:23:38
I’ve sent a number of reviews to unexpanded names, thinking that Roundup would replace them with the email addresses :/
msg2123 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2011-07-19.21:12:58
Adding a message on the tracker and let roundup sending a mail to the nosy members will avoid this problem.  See also #394.
msg2124 (view) Author: pitrou Date: 2011-07-19.21:15:25
True. However, it regularly bites some people and is quite unpractical.
msg3495 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2018-06-12.18:33:48
The recommended way of contributing to Python is now GitHub pull requests and we no longer maintain our Rietveld instance.

Closing this issue.
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