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msg2532 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2012-06-13.20:51:17
If I search the tracker with for Creater: terry.reedy with Status: don't care, I get 26838 issues, which I presume is all of them. Another name does the same. Ditto for Nosy list member and Last actor. I know the first two worked at least in Jan 2011 and perhaps more recently.
msg2533 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2012-06-13.20:57:09
I just discovered that the searches *do* work if I am logged in.
Logging out reverts to previous behavior (return all issues).

Searching for text and title do work when I am logged out.
msg3057 (view) Author: rouilj Date: 2016-07-06.00:26:47
See: for fix.

The anonymous user needs to have search permission for users added.

I am not sure what version of roundup is running here, search perms
were added at 1.4.19 so ...
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