Title Search pagination is broken
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Created on 2013-11-28.15:27:19 by techtonik, last changed 2015-05-27.14:51:14 by introom.

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msg2800 (view) Author: techtonik Date: 2013-11-28.15:27:19
1. open
2. search for string.Template, note 1.. 50 out of 61 results are shown
3. click next >>

The bottom line now says 51.. 100 out of 199.
Issues like doesn't contain word
"template" at all.
anatoly t.
msg2801 (view) Author: techtonik Date: 2013-11-28.15:38:49
That problem is that ignore=file:content argument is not passed by
in search argument.


ignore=file:content was added in issue262.
msg2802 (view) Author: techtonik Date: 2013-11-28.16:21:37
Looks like issue262 autolinking syntax doesn't work for this tracker,
which is strange. Trying issue#262 or issue #262.
msg2893 (view) Author: hieu.nguyen Date: 2014-08-02.18:32:48
I've attached the patch for fixing both paginate buttons (Next and Previous) to contain the GET parameter "ignore" if present.
msg2973 (view) Author: introom Date: 2015-05-27.14:51:14
The above patch is still valid and is tested again locally.
I modified the line offset to make it merge-able.
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