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msg2840 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2014-03-12.00:40:40
[Firefox, Win 7]  Consider currently open issue, opened by me, terry.reedy and with 'human' in the text in multiple places as well as in the title (but hyphenated). Searching All text: human  or Creator: terry.reedy fails to list the issue, whether using Status: open or Status: don't care. I say 'woefully incomplete' because the latter search with 'don't care' returns just 27 issues, while the 'Created by you' link under Summaries returns 207.

For some issues, I initially get [1.. 50 out of mmm] and when I hit [next], I get [51.. 100 out of nnn] where nnn is greater that mmm, sometimes more that twice as great. With 27, there is no [next] button to hit but this might be the same issue.
msg2841 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2014-03-12.01:04:42
When I search for 'human' in 'all text' leaving all the other fields at their defaults, I get that issue among the 45 results returned.  When I search from the search box, I get 157 results, and 18104 is on the first page of results.

There is a bug in next where it does not do the same search as the search that got you the first page of results.  There's an open issue here for that, but I don't know if anyone has looked in to it yet.
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