Title Status has invalid option "- no selection -"
Priority bug Status chatting
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Created on 2014-06-09.00:01:48 by terry.reedy, last changed 2014-07-30.19:10:26 by terry.reedy.

msg2872 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2014-06-09.00:01:48
The Status box allows the status to be changed to the invalid option '- no selection -'. Submitting with this selected brings up a red bar saying there is no such node. The Assigned To box, which also does not allow '- no selection -', does not have it visible as an option to be selected. Status should be the same. If priority '- no selection -' is invalid on the tracker as well as here, it also need fixing.

At least the tracker is better than this meta-tracker. New tracker issues start with the valid and expected 'open' selected as the default, while this metatracker starts with the invalid option '- no selection -' selected as the default. I will try the first option, 'unread' ;-).

That did not work. "Required issue property priority not supplied".
msg2884 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2014-07-29.14:37:07
Why did you want to change the status to "- no selection -"?
msg2887 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2014-07-29.18:01:44
I didn't. Please focus on the issue. The tracker (and meta-tracker) are mis-behaving by inviting answers that they reject. Proper list boxes do not do that.
msg2888 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2014-07-30.12:08:17
I've used plenty of web sites where the equivalent of 'no selection' was not a valid choice (ie: you had to select something before the form would be accepted for submission).

Your argument appears to be that once the issue has been created, 'no selection' should no longer be generated as an option for status.  That would be nice, but I would consider it a very low priority thing to fix.  

If someone does want to work on a patch, I'm not sure if it should be approached at the roundup level in a generic fashion, or if it would be better to just make it a special case in the issue template.  The latter would be the easiest.
msg2889 (view) Author: loewis Date: 2014-07-30.15:56:37
I cannot reproduce the issue. On, I just changed the value of "Status" successfully to "no selection". I got a green bar saying that the change was successful, and the issue log shows that the status was changed.
msg2890 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2014-07-30.19:10:26
Something changed, though I am not sure that accepting '- no selection -' is an improvement. My suggestion is that after an issue is initially opened, Status be handled the same as Priority. I would try to submit a patch if I had the necessary info. (I once did DB admin, including form templates and squ inquiries, as part of a job.)
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