Title Registration does not report name conflicts
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Created on 2014-10-13.11:25:30 by towb, last changed 2016-07-06.02:03:42 by rouilj.

msg2907 (view) Author: towb Date: 2014-10-13.11:25:29
If you try to register and the login name is already taken, you'll only find out after clicking the link in the confirmation mail.

The unhelpful message is "node exists".

The user list is no workaround, as it's only shown when logged in.

Registering on a big installation with a common surname can get very annoying.
msg2909 (view) Author: gbrandl Date: 2014-10-13.16:41:47
This appears to be suboptimal :)

It may be an upstream Roundup problem if we haven't overridden registration in our instance.
msg3059 (view) Author: rouilj Date: 2016-07-06.02:03:42
Pulled upstream as:
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