Title Failed to alter nosy list when someone's name has a comma in
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msg3021 (view) Author: xiang.zhang Date: 2016-03-23.06:42:42
I failed to add myself to the nosy list when someone's name has a comma in it. The error reported is: property nosy: 'Guo' is not a user. The error happened in
msg3022 (view) Author: xiang.zhang Date: 2016-03-23.07:03:49
Since the OP of the issue has changed his user name so it can be reproduced. But from the history you can see when someone create a new message the OP is removed from the nosy list.
msg3408 (view) Author: rouilj Date: 2017-10-28.00:36:59
See: for code to add to that limits what can be used as a username.

I am not sure if it's run prior to registration, so it may be possible to register with a , but it should stop changing it to use bad characters
in the username afterwards.
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