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msg3038 (view) Author: ryan.petrello Date: 2016-06-01.04:14:21
Tonight I attempted to register a new account on and encountered a bug. 

* I visited and filled it out with the username "ryanpetrello"

* I received a confirmation email and clicked on the link provided (on the domain).  I can provide the exact link from my email if necessary.

* Upon clicking the link, I was taken to and was shown an error that said, "Invalid URL scheme in homepage URL".  From here, I was unable to confirm my registration and login.

* I attempted a second registration (with a different username, ryan.petrello).  This time I did *not* provide a homepage URL, and was able to confirm my registration and login.

I suspect that on my original user registration (ryanpetrello), the homepage URL I specified must have omitted an http:// or https://
msg3161 (view) Author: kiwisinspace Date: 2016-09-11.23:36:55
Same issue for me as well. Worked when prefixing homepage URL with http://.
msg3324 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-03-27.19:50:42
The fields (email address, homepage, roles) are validated (by detectors/ only once the user is being created, and that happens while clicking on the confirmation link.  I can't think of any simple way to validate them beforehand on the server side, however if you get an error, no user should have been created and you should be able to reregister with the same username and with correct information.
msg3325 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-03-27.20:12:39
See also
msg3425 (view) Author: mdk Date: 2017-12-21.16:34:12
A user here got the same "issue".

I explained him the issue, so he can fix the URL in his profile, but the issue is more like:

- The message is hard to understand, it should help point to the profile so the user can fix the URL
- The URL should be checked before, not during validation, so they have the error right after typing it, not a few days later
msg3426 (view) Author: jamesray Date: 2017-12-21.22:00:39
Yep, I am that user, and changing the URL worked. I guess that the site doesn't try to map strings like to or, while my browser does.  And yes, as mdk mentioned on the page, failing doing that outputting an error straight after typing the URL or submitting the form would be the next best option.
msg3519 (view) Author: james_stevens Date: 2018-06-26.13:26:20
I ran into the same issue of the "homepage" validation - but failed to notice the error message amongst all the other information.

I suggest if an error occurs in the confirmation, the error should be (virtually) the only thing displayed - giving the current issue list as well is confusing and unnecessary. If the confirmation succeeds a dedicated screen is displayed - the same should be true if it fails.

I would have thought adding some Javascript into the "onSubmit" of the form to validate the various fields would be relatively trivial - and more helpful to the user than relying on the backend validation. A regex for most of the fields would be readily available via Google.

At the very least, javascript to automatically add a prefix "http://" (like a browser would) is literally one line of code.
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