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msg3038 (view) Author: ryan.petrello Date: 2016-06-01.04:14:21
Tonight I attempted to register a new account on and encountered a bug. 

* I visited and filled it out with the username "ryanpetrello"

* I received a confirmation email and clicked on the link provided (on the domain).  I can provide the exact link from my email if necessary.

* Upon clicking the link, I was taken to and was shown an error that said, "Invalid URL scheme in homepage URL".  From here, I was unable to confirm my registration and login.

* I attempted a second registration (with a different username, ryan.petrello).  This time I did *not* provide a homepage URL, and was able to confirm my registration and login.

I suspect that on my original user registration (ryanpetrello), the homepage URL I specified must have omitted an http:// or https://
msg3161 (view) Author: kiwisinspace Date: 2016-09-11.23:36:55
Same issue for me as well. Worked when prefixing homepage URL with http://.
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