Title Hide retired queries in "Your Queries" sidebar
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Created on 2016-06-11.07:41:16 by berker.peksag, last changed 2016-07-06.02:32:45 by rouilj.

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msg3046 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2016-06-11.07:41:16
This is one of my biggest annoyances of the current tracker. We should hide queries if they are marked as 'retired'.
msg3049 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2016-06-14.16:27:45
If I remember correctly this problem is the result of an incomplete fix to an earlier problem.  As I remember it the problem is that if you don't delete the query it still shows up even when retired.  To keep the DB consistent, the correct fix would be to allow you to see retired queries and delete them, at which point they disappear.  But it's been a while since I looked at this, so I could be misremembering the details.
msg3050 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2016-06-14.16:44:51
So does that mean that the current 'Delete' button at query?@template=edit is sort of misnamed (it actually retires the query)?

Instead of two steps (retire -> delete) can we just delete the query?
msg3051 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2016-06-14.16:50:06
Or maybe we can have two buttons: Retire (the current behavior) and Delete

We can mark retired queries with a different background in the sidebar.
msg3052 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2016-06-14.17:16:22
I misspoke.  Looking at the edit screen again, the issue is the 'leave in/leave out' versus 'delete', which is indeed retire.  The complicating factor is: what if you 'leave in' a public query that someone then retires?  It is stuck on your visible list with no way to get rid of it, if you can't see retired issues.

I'm not sure what the best solution is.  Maybe it is indeed to just hide it in both the visible and edit list if it is retired, but that would mean a resurrected retired query could suddenly show back up some day.

I think the problem at the moment is that you don't see retired queries in the edit list, so you can't make them not visible.  Showing retired queries that are 'leave in' might be a sufficient solution.  It certainly would be nice if 'delete' also removed the query from being visible, but that would solve the problem of a visible query owned by someone else and retired.
msg3053 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2016-06-14.17:17:23
Should be "would not solve" in that last sentence.
msg3054 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2016-06-14.17:18:12
By the way, the current edit screen we are using was submitted upstream but not accepted because of this remaining bug, so if you fix this we should submit the revised patch upstream.
msg3061 (view) Author: rouilj Date: 2016-07-06.02:32:44
A version of this was checked in upstream.

screenshots are attached to the upstream issue.

If the query is on the user's active list (i.e. in the sidebar)
one of two things is shown:

If you are the query owner, you can undelete it and then remove it from your
list then re-retire it to remove it entirely. My thought is it takes two steps to truly delete a query for the owner: remove from your active list and then delete. I have accidentally clicked on delete and had to resort to unretire in roundup-admin to recover my query.

If you are not the query owner you can remove the query from your active list.

I haven't looked at the attached patch to see how it differs from the original patch that I modified and adopted upstream.
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