Title The sidebar "Search" is much superior to the top-right "Search"
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Created on 2016-09-14.20:47:09 by guido, last changed 2016-09-19.22:20:04 by r.david.murray.

msg3163 (view) Author: guido Date: 2016-09-14.20:47:09
It was pointed out to me:

> Would you also please point out to everybody, and I really do mean
> everybody, at "Search" on the left hand side of the screen under "Issues".
> Better yet make it the default, as it's vastly superior to the default
> "Search" top right.

This would be great to fix! (And perhaps easy?)
msg3173 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2016-09-19.22:01:44
Personally I rarely use 'search' (except for the canned searches I've made), and almost always use the upper right search box.  I would strongly object to losing the upper right search box as it currently functions.

The "usual" way this is done on other web sites is to have an 'advanced' link next to or under the prominent search box.  That should be easy enough for someone to tweak the template to provide.  Would that satisfy the request?
msg3175 (view) Author: guido Date: 2016-09-19.22:06:55
I'm totally open to better ideas! (I'm really more the messenger than the
originator of the suggestion.) Maybe the upper-right search box can be
tweaked to have a more useful search by default? (Personally I'm always
surprised that it finds closed issues by default, but maybe there's a
reason for that.) Assuming the default is fast enough, adding some extra
options to the search results pages to try with different tweaks is a great
idea. (I'm curious why the current output format tweaks are *below* the
results? I never realized that even existed because it requires scrolling
down, and usually I've lost interest by the time I reach that...)
msg3178 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2016-09-19.22:20:03
Yes, there is a reason :)  Someone comes to the tracker with a bug, and does a good search...and with an open-only search doesn't find an issue, because we've already fixed it but it isn't in the version of python they are running.  But the default searches closed issues also, they will see hits with 'closed' and hopefully will find their bug has already been fixed.

The default search is a shortcut for the 'all text' field with issue status set to "don't care".

The results page tweaks are part of default-roundup and no one has ever played with them as far as I know.  So that could be a good thing for someone to experiment with.  Moving them to the top would be easy.
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