Title Unable to log in with OpenId, "Not authenticated (no session)"
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msg3245 (view) Author: JDLH Date: 2017-02-03.05:57:06
I log in via OpenID as . When I try to log in at the Python Issues Tracker, it fails with an error message,
    Not authenticated (no session)

To reproduce:
• Browse to The main bug tracker page appears. In the left pane are two text entry boxes, the upper with an OpenID logo in it.
• In the first text box, enter
• Don't touch the second text box.
• Press the [Login] button.
• The first time I did this, the login UI of my delegated provider,, appeared, and I logged in normally.  Subsequently, this step did not occur. 
• The main bug tracker page appears again, with a looong URL beginning:

Expected behaviour:
• I am logged in with a tracker user based on my OpenID.
• No error messages.

Observed behaviour:
• An error message, in white letters on a red background, appears at the top of the screen. It reads, 
    Not authenticated (no session)
• I am not logged in.

This bug is identical to from 2013. This was reported on 14. March 2013, and on 2. April of that year, the reporter said that it worked again.  The issue has no details about what might have caused the problem to occur or to stop.

I have worked around this bug by registering my own user ID, as "JDLH".
I am using Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) on a Mac OS X 10.10.5 OS.

The more complete URL is:;

(I snipped out some opaque data from the URL, for greater security, though if I understand OpenID correctly, that data isn't sensitive anyway.)
msg3421 (view) Author: mjpieters Date: 2017-11-22.11:28:28
I've not been able to use my Stack Exchange OpenID for ages now.

Open ID:, which delegates to; there is also a vanity URL which redirects to the full UUID url.

With the Google login button gone, and Launchpad having changed their OpenID urls, I had to request a password reset today just to get back in.
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