Title Duplicate commit message on branch merge
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Created on 2017-02-18.05:31:20 by ezio.melotti, last changed 2017-03-27.18:44:59 by ezio.melotti.

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msg3260 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-02-18.05:31:19
Nick just did a merge in and for each merged changeset that contained a reference to bpo, a new message has been resent to the corresponding issue, see:
(follow the bpo link in the message to see the original commit message).
We should probably ignore all branches except master/3.6/3.5/etc.
msg3261 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-02-18.05:33:30
See also
If it can be fixed on the GitHub side we can close this.
msg3262 (view) Author: anish.shah Date: 2017-02-18.05:48:03
Hi Ezio, can you tell me which webhook was triggered? Was it pull request
msg3263 (view) Author: anish.shah Date: 2017-02-18.05:49:12
I think if we ignore other branches except master/3.6/3.5 etc, this will be
solved. I can work on this. :)
msg3264 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-02-18.06:06:04
This should be the commit webhook that generates messages whenever a new commit includes bpo-NNNNN in the message.
I'd suggest to wait a bit and see if it can be fixed from the GitHub side (i.e. if we can avoid to trigger those requests in the first place, rather than receiving them and discarding them from Roundup).
msg3265 (view) Author: ncoghlan Date: 2017-02-18.09:16:56
I checked on a different repo where I have the ability to add webhooks, and it looks like GitHub only permits you to filter based on the *kind* of event, not on any of the values (like the branch affected).

So I think this will need to be fixed on the b.p.o webhook side, and I'll close the core-workflow issue.
msg3267 (view) Author: anish.shah Date: 2017-02-20.04:14:53
I have added a patch. Let me know what do you guys think! :)
msg3274 (view) Author: maciej.szulik Date: 2017-02-21.07:52:30
Anish thanks! I had to tweak the patch a bit (just tests), since you forgot to include pushevent5.txt, but I've created it manually :)

The change was pushed in
msg3321 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-03-27.18:44:59
I haven't heard of any similar issues, so the patch should have solved the problem.
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