Title bpo emails contain useless non-github pull_request number - users want a link to actual github PR
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msg3327 (view) Author: gregory.p.smith Date: 2017-03-31.17:05:33 emails contain misleading text such as

Changes by so and so

pull_requests: +1081

When a Github Pull Request is associated with an issue.

Which is *entirely useless* as 1081 is NOT a github PR number.

It appears to be an internal bpo database key.  Please never expose that!

This makes an email based workflow impossible as I cannot go from the email to the Github PR in question.  What this needs to be is text containing the actual Github PR number hyperlinked directly to the Github PR itself.

In this example, the above was trigged by the "2017-03-31 09:36:35	dstufft	set	pull_requests: + pull_request1081" action on which should really link to if I understand properly.

Please consider email based workflows.

I do not want to open bpo to hunt through the UI for one of two places that may contain the link that eventually gets me to the right page.
msg3328 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-03-31.17:42:29
msg3329 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-04-01.18:47:08
I've been looking at the code and perhaps it can be done in detectors/  I'll try to put together a patch sometimes next week.
msg3330 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-04-01.19:00:21
(FWIW I've been also considering having a 1:1 match between PR numbers and internal roundup ids for pull_requests, however this requires two step:
  1) make sure that only one Roundup pull_request exists for each GitHub PR;
  2) make sure that the PR numbers and Roundup ids match;
I'd like to see point 1 implemented regardless.  I first suggested it during review but since it was not trivial to do we decided to postpone it as not to block the GitHub migration any further.  I'm not sure if point 2 can be implemented since the ids are auto-incremented and as far as I know they can't be changed.)
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