Title it is possible to end up with more than one username with the same email address
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msg3342 (view) Author: ned.deily Date: 2017-05-24.20:52:11
At the PyCon Development sprints, I have helped two users with similar problems: each had an older username, then managed to mistakenly create a second usename with the same email address as the older one, and then tried to reset the password of the first username but failed because the reset email was associated with the second, newer username.  In both cases, we ended up having to manually change the email address (and other fields) of the second username using the admin interface.  I have not tried to reproduce creating two such usernames with the same email address (and I didn't see any obvious open issues about this on the tracker) but it seems like that behavior should be prohibited.
msg3343 (view) Author: r.david.murray Date: 2017-05-24.22:23:22
My understanding (and I thought experience, but I can't swear to it)
was that it was already prohibited.  Maybe we broke something in our
recent changes to support the github workflow?
msg3344 (view) Author: zach.ware Date: 2017-05-24.22:31:35
I just tried and was able to create a new user using my email address.
msg3345 (view) Author: zach.ware Date: 2017-05-24.22:32:48
msg3346 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-05-25.09:54:56
> Maybe we broke something in our recent changes to support the github workflow?

I don't think we changed that part of the code, but perhaps we broke it when the openid integration was added.  IIRC I also saw a few user that have two accounts, a regular one and one through openid, with the same email address.
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