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msg3364 (view) Author: ncoghlan Date: 2017-07-24.08:12:55
I'm unclear on exactly when this server is going to be moving to a different PSF-controlled domain, and doesn't provide any info either.
msg3371 (view) Author: brett.cannon Date: 2017-07-24.16:30:56
It's unclear because there's no specific plan yet. :) There was talk at PyCon US about potentially having Red Hat host it on OpenShift, but I don't know where Maciej ended up with that.
msg3372 (view) Author: mmangoba Date: 2017-07-24.16:34:29
We actually have a plan in place to migrate over to OpenShift by October.  Maciej is on vacation but when he gets back, in August we will start the process.
msg3373 (view) Author: mmangoba Date: 2017-07-24.16:35:00
I'll share the timeline when we solidify the process.
msg3374 (view) Author: sorin Date: 2017-07-24.17:22:11
I think that everyone would benefit from just importing this into GitHub. Considering the number of issues this should be easy and would provide a much better visibility and accessibility... not to mention uptime/low-mentainance/performance/...
msg3380 (view) Author: maciej.szulik Date: 2017-08-02.20:55:44
I'm back right now and just starting the initial work.
msg3385 (view) Author: ezio.melotti Date: 2017-09-08.00:25:51
What's the status on this?
msg3391 (view) Author: mmangoba Date: 2017-09-10.00:27:24
We have started the initial process.  At the moment, we are getting the necessary accounts setup, DockerHub and RH OpenShift.  maciej.szulik has done work with his team on the database and have an estimated timeline in the next 2 months to complete.
msg3509 (view) Author: eric.snow Date: 2018-06-15.16:29:01
related: #655
msg3512 (view) Author: ncoghlan Date: 2018-06-16.01:50:15
As per (and #655 as Eric linked above), I'm now proposing that we switch the meta-tracker over to GitHub, since we don't need the workflow customisation for itself that we currently want for CPython.
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