Title Information on meta-tracker server migration
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Created on 2017-07-24.08:12:55 by ncoghlan, last changed 2017-08-02.20:55:44 by maciej.szulik.

msg3364 (view) Author: ncoghlan Date: 2017-07-24.08:12:55
I'm unclear on exactly when this server is going to be moving to a different PSF-controlled domain, and doesn't provide any info either.
msg3371 (view) Author: brett.cannon Date: 2017-07-24.16:30:56
It's unclear because there's no specific plan yet. :) There was talk at PyCon US about potentially having Red Hat host it on OpenShift, but I don't know where Maciej ended up with that.
msg3372 (view) Author: mmangoba Date: 2017-07-24.16:34:29
We actually have a plan in place to migrate over to OpenShift by October.  Maciej is on vacation but when he gets back, in August we will start the process.
msg3373 (view) Author: mmangoba Date: 2017-07-24.16:35:00
I'll share the timeline when we solidify the process.
msg3374 (view) Author: sorin Date: 2017-07-24.17:22:11
I think that everyone would benefit from just importing this into GitHub. Considering the number of issues this should be easy and would provide a much better visibility and accessibility... not to mention uptime/low-mentainance/performance/...
msg3380 (view) Author: maciej.szulik Date: 2017-08-02.20:55:44
I'm back right now and just starting the initial work.
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