Title "All text" search limited to 2 words?
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Created on 2017-09-16.17:17:00 by terry.reedy, last changed 2017-09-16.17:17:00 by terry.reedy.

msg3393 (view) Author: terry.reedy Date: 2017-09-16.17:17:00
Enter 'idle crash caret' in the title box, apparently in any order, select "don't care" or "closed" for Status, select [search], and #31438 and #24170 are displayed.  Move 'idle crash caret' to the 'All text' box, and instead of a wider search, nothing is returned.  Remove any of the 3 search terms and the 2 issues above and others are returned.

I have experienced before that I have had to cut back to 2 words to get anything, but I never before tried 3 in the title box to discover that the original empty result is a bug.

Until this is fixed, could 'limit: 2 words' be added to the form?
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