Title Searching for open bugs sets the button to all
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msg3422 (view) Author: barry Date: 2017-11-26.23:07:23
I go to, enter `linesep` in the search field and click the 'open' button, then click search.  In the resulting page, the button is set back to 'all', even though all the hits are open.  This is confusing UI.
msg3475 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2018-06-09.20:59:58
Here's a patch to fix this issue.
msg3477 (view) Author: ncoghlan Date: 2018-06-10.05:22:35
To make this more obviously an either/or situation when looking at the template, perhaps the check on the "All" radio button could be:

    checked python:request.form.getvalue('status') != status_notresolved

Otherwise I'd be wondering which button gets checked on an initial page load when the form hasn't been submitted at all.
msg3478 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2018-06-10.12:56:38
Good catch, Nick. Fixed in issue645_v2.diff. Thanks!
msg3485 (view) Author: berker.peksag Date: 2018-06-12.18:23:09
Applied in Thanks for the review, Nick.
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