List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
382 74 months ago Bad CC on review chatting pitrou  
389 77 months ago Weird behaviour when logging in using the registered email address and not the login name unread carsten.klein  
367 80 months ago "patch" keyword buggy chatting pitrou  
369 80 months ago email gateway refused comment posting chatting pitrou  
286 99 months ago Spam issues created using forged email chatting pefu512  
235 103 months ago incorrent To: headers in mail sent from tracker upon error processing email chatting gregory.p.smith  
615 2 weeks ago Set stage to 'patch review' when a PR is added chatting berker.peksag  
633 2 months ago b.p.o. and the attached PRs chatting matrixise  
630 2 months ago Add a way for a non-core dev to claim an issue unread brett.cannon  
616 5 months ago Allow login to with Google account unread paulschreiber  
593 8 months ago Small improvements to issue.item.html chatting berker.peksag  
605 11 months ago Python tracker needs two classes of "easy" issues -- requiring C or not chatting guido  
600 11 months ago Convert patches to GitHub Pull Request (depends on issue586) in-progress anish.shah  
592 12 months ago Show GitHub comments on b.p.o (depends on issue590) in-progress anish.shah anish.shah
581 13 months ago Add rest endpoint to roundup in-progress maciej.szulik maciej.szulik
555 13 months ago Registration does not report name conflicts chatting towb  
599 14 months ago Strip content when replying to an issue via email unread berker.peksag  
567 14 months ago Develop roundup without installing chatting introom  
174 22 months ago Ignore vacation responses chatting guido  
563 31 months ago activity date search does not return all issues with activity on that date chatting ethan.furman  
159 37 months ago Creating multiple queries with same name should overwrite unread montanaro  
509 52 months ago Automatic update of contributor fields on contrib form submission chatting r.david.murray  
506 55 months ago Remove Extension Modules from Components: unread terry.reedy  
420 58 months ago Display 'dependency of' and 'superseder of' chatting ncoghlan  
412 59 months ago Allow for more than one attach file chatting sandro.tosi  
418 59 months ago Change background color if an issue is closed chatting haypo ezio.melotti
481 60 months ago Display committer icon in user search result lists chatting chris.jerdonek  
480 60 months ago Add "IRC Handle" to user details unread chris.jerdonek  
469 63 months ago E-mails with S/MIME (SMIME) signatures should not create attachments chatting jaraco  
400 63 months ago when replying by email, don't send another one chatting benjamin.peterson  
373 65 months ago Add 'module' field to tracker chatting techtonik  
446 65 months ago Break down 'open' into 'enhancements' vs 'bugs' in roundup-summary unread r.david.murray  
441 66 months ago Allow users to specify keywords unread techtonik  
438 66 months ago don't send me changes I made unread tshepang  
394 69 months ago Better integration with Rietveld code review tool chatting ned.deily  
291 73 months ago force closed issues to have a resolution chatting benjamin.peterson  
378 76 months ago Merge OpenID login feature upstream chatting techtonik  
395 76 months ago My mails can change the title (nothing else) chatting sdaoden  
78 82 months ago Make use of keywords more obvious chatting brett.cannon  
328 82 months ago More intuitive "stage" and "resolution" chatting techtonik  
351 82 months ago Please remove 'closed' issues from summary reports chatting ronaldoussoren  
249 101 months ago message_count and nosy_count changes appear in every mail chatting amaury.forgeotdarc  
16 101 months ago Automatic issue expiration testing forsberg loewis
167 103 months ago Added resolution keyword "confirmed" chatting tiran brett.cannon
632 2 months ago planet python, not automatically redirected to https chatting matrixise  
627 3 months ago Please support "fix[es] bpo-xxxx" in addition to "close[s] bpo-xxxx" unread guido  
626 3 months ago Render GitHub flavoured markdown in tracker messages chatting ncoghlan  
596 14 months ago Delete unused code in lib/ unread berker.peksag  
554 19 months ago Add special mark to Rietvelds emails chatting serhiy.storchaka  
578 19 months ago TLSv1.2 support for unread dveeden  
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