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Here is a new patch (266C).

> I prefer 'Add me' instead of '+', but am worried that most people will not expect that submitting the form is necessary;
That's the reason why I don't like it. This new patch uses the [+] button (a few more developers on #python-dev prefer the [+]) and also has 'Add me to nosy (remember to Submit Changes)' as title="" text.

> I suggest keeping all the JS code in one file (help_controls.js), so that there's one place to look for the definition of a particular function or handler.
Since the other js file is not used by issue.item.html, I decided to put the js code in issue.item.js, also because the functions are specific to issue.item.html. This should make finding definitions even easier.

> I think I like the "Add me" version better; the single plus gives no clue what it will do.
I think that given the position, its purpose is quite obvious. The title="" text or even trying to press it to see what happens will clarify any doubt.

> [...] people without JavaScript nor CSS will get the button but not the functionality.
This is now fixed. The solution I adopted is to add an empty span that doesn't show up when CSS are not available, and then replace it with the button if JS is available. I tested it with a text browser (links) and it seems to work fine.
I agree with MvL that people without JS can add themselves manually. I also solved a couple of compatibility problems with IE.

The only remaining problem is that when a new issue is created the nosy list is empty and the button appears. I think it would be better if the user name would show up already when a new issue is created but I still have to figure out how to do it server-side.
Another minor improvement is to write the username always at the beginning of the list. In this way it's easier to select and delete self from the nosy even without a [-] button.

I suggest to commit the patch as is and see what people say.
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