ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
32116 3 minutes ago CSV import and export simplified open paullongnet   enhancement 3
32115 1/4 hour ago Ignored SIGCHLD causes asyncio.Process.wait to hang forever open rogpeppe   behavior 1
32114 1/4 hour ago The get_event_loop change in bpo28613 did not update the documentation open r.david.murray   behavior 1
32096 an hour ago Py_DecodeLocale() fails if used before the runtime is initialized. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow crash 17
32030 an hour ago PEP 432: Rewrite Py_Main() has PR open vstinner     9
28684 1 3/4 hours ago [asyncio] bind() on a unix socket raises PermissionError on Android for a non-root user has patch has PR open xdegaye   behavior 3
32113 2 hours ago Strange behavior with await in a generator expression open levkivskyi   behavior 3
27535 2 hours ago Ignored ResourceWarning warnings leak memory in warnings registries has patch has PR open Александр Карпинский serhiy.storchaka resource usage 21
32055 3 hours ago Reconsider comparison chaining for containment tests has PR open ncoghlan   behavior 6
10544 4 hours ago yield expression inside generator expression does nothing open Inyeol.Lee levkivskyi behavior 21
5710 4 hours ago ctypes should return composite types from callbacks open gholling   enhancement 7
32033 5 hours ago The pwd module implementation incorrectly sets some attributes to None open xdegaye   behavior 8
32112 5 hours ago Should uuid.UUID() accept another UUID() instance? open mjpieters     3
31841 5 hours ago Several methods of collections.UserString do not return instances of UserString or its subclasses has PR open vaultah lisroach behavior 3
32110 8 hours ago Make more compatible with read() of other files has PR open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
32107 9 hours ago test_uuid uses the incorrect bitmask has PR open barry barry   7
32093 9 hours ago macOS: implement time.thread_time() using thread_info() open vstinner     2
30811 11 hours ago A venv created and activated from within a virtualenv uses the outer virtualenv's site-packages rather than its own. open Antony.Lee     9
31299 yesterday Add "ignore_modules" option to TracebackException.format() open ncoghlan   enhancement 5
32099 yesterday Use range in itertools roundrobin recipe has PR open terry.reedy rhettinger enhancement 14
32100 yesterday IDLE: PathBrowser isn't working has PR open csabella terry.reedy behavior 4
32071 yesterday Add py.test-like "-k" test selection to unittest has PR open jonash   enhancement 10
30855 yesterday [2.7] test_tk: test_use() of test_tkinter.test_widgets randomly fails with "integer value too large to represent" on with AMD64 Windows8 3.5 has PR open vstinner serhiy.storchaka   25
32108 yesterday configparser bug: section is emptied if you assign a section to itself open simonltwick   behavior 2
28562 yesterday test_asyncio fails on Android upon calling getaddrinfo() has patch open xdegaye   behavior 2
29040 yesterday building Android with android-ndk-r14 has patch has PR open xdegaye   compile error 3
32104 yesterday add method throw() to asyncio.Task open Oleg K2   enhancement 2
32089 yesterday In developer mode (-X dev), ResourceWarning is only emited once per line numbers has PR open vstinner     9
32102 yesterday Add "capture_output=True" option to open ncoghlan   enhancement 2
28762 yesterday lockf() is available now on Android API level 24, but the F_LOCK macro is not defined has patch has PR open xdegaye xdegaye behavior 10
32097 yesterday doctest does not consider \r\n a <BLANKLINE> open X-Istence     2
32098 yesterday Hardcoded value in Lib/test/ open hackan   enhancement 1
32101 yesterday Add PYTHONDEVMODE=1 to enable the developer mode has PR open vstinner   enhancement 2
25711 yesterday Rewrite zipimport from scratch has patch has PR open brett.cannon   enhancement 21
2504 yesterday Add gettext.pgettext() and variants support has patch open genepi   enhancement 25
28009 yesterday core logic of uuid.getnode() is broken for AIX - all versions open Michael.Felt   behavior 5
28538 yesterday _socket module cross-compilation error on android-24 has patch has PR open xdegaye   compile error 6
32050 2 days ago Fix -x option documentation has PR open vstinner     16
32092 2 days ago mock.patch with autospec does not consume self / cls argument has PR open cbelu   behavior 2
30587 2 days ago Mock with spec object does not ensure method call signatures has PR open cbelu   behavior 1
31630 2 days ago math.tan has poor accuracy near pi/2 on OpenBSD and NetBSD has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 29
31687 2 days ago test_semaphore_tracker() of test_multiprocessing_spawn fails randomly (race condition?) open vstinner     2
32091 2 days ago test_s_option() of test_site.HelperFunctionsTests failed on x86 Gentoo Refleaks 3.6 open vstinner     2
32090 2 days ago test_put() of test_multiprocessing queue tests has a race condition open vstinner     1
31790 2 days ago double free or corruption (while using smem) open zulthan   crash 3
32087 2 days ago deprecated-removed directive generates overlapping msgids in .pot files has PR open cocoatomo docs@python   1
32084 2 days ago [Security] http.server can be abused to redirect to (almost) arbitrary URL open vstinner   security 3
32085 2 days ago [Security] A New Era of SSRF - Exploiting URL Parser in Trending Programming Languages! open vstinner   security 1
32083 2 days ago sqlite3 Cursor.description can't return column types open kyoshidajp   enhancement 2
32082 2 days ago atexit module: allow getting/setting list of handlers directly open erik.bray   behavior 1
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