ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
25988 1/4 hour ago open abarnert levkivskyi enhancement 11
24955 1 1/2 hours ago webbrowser broken on Mac OS X when using the BROWSER variable has patch open sconseil     6
30222 4 hours ago had a bug when setting up full 64 bit distribution. has PR open Decorater     2
30986 4 hours ago Add --include-py argument to Tools/msi/ has PR open Segev Finer   enhancement 1
29606 5 hours ago urllib FTP protocol stream injection has PR open ecbftw   security 19
29672 6 hours ago `catch_warnings` context manager causes all warnings to be printed every time, even after exiting open Gerrit.Holl   behavior 6
30978 6 hours ago str.format_map() silences exceptions in __getitem__ has PR open Akuli   behavior 10
30953 7 hours ago Fatal python error when jumping into except clause open ppperry   crash 3
30985 8 hours ago Set closing variable in asyncore at close has PR open walkhour     1
30983 8 hours ago eval frame rename in pep 0523 broke gdb's python extension has PR open bcap     1
22928 8 hours ago HTTP header injection in urrlib2/urllib/httplib/http.client (CVE-2016-5699) has patch open Guido georg.brandl security 23
30981 9 hours ago IDLE: Add config dialog font page tests has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 7
30984 11 hours ago traceback.print_exc return value documentation open Jelle Zijlstra docs@python   1
30803 11 hours ago Truth value of sets not properly documented has PR open thomassen terry.reedy enhancement 7
18875 11 hours ago Idle: Auto insertion of the closing parens, brackets, and braces open irdb terry.reedy enhancement 11
12910 11 hours ago urllib.quote quotes too many chars, e.g., '()' has PR open joern orsenthil behavior 4
27584 12 hours ago New addition of vSockets to the python socket module has patch has PR open Cathy Avery   enhancement 30
30891 yesterday importlib: _find_and_load() race condition on sys.modules[name] check has patch has PR open haypo   behavior 21
19896 yesterday Exposing "q" and "Q" to multiprocessing.sharedctypes has patch has PR open Antony.Lee   enhancement 9
30618 yesterday readlink for pathlib paths open smheidrich   enhancement 1
30814 yesterday Import dotted name as alias breaks with concurrency has PR open SamueleSanti serhiy.storchaka behavior 11
24869 yesterday shlex lineno inaccurate with certain inputs has patch has PR open rescrv   behavior 6
24459 yesterday Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open Antony.Lee docs@python enhancement 21
30982 yesterday AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks 3.x: compilation error, cannot open python37_d.dll open haypo     2
30822 yesterday Python implementation of datetime module is not being tested correctly. has PR open musically_ut serhiy.storchaka behavior 43
30977 yesterday reduce uuid.UUID() memory footprint has PR open wbolster     4
30959 yesterday Constructor signature is duplicated in the help of namedtuples open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
30576 yesterday http.server should support HTTP compression (gzip) has PR open quentel   enhancement 16
30979 yesterday the winapi fails to run shortcuts (because considers a shortcut not a valid Win32App) open Bernát Gábor   enhancement 4
30964 yesterday Mention ensurepip in package installation docs has PR open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 7
30780 yesterday IDLE: configdialog - add tests for ConfigDialog GUI. has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 8
24776 yesterday IDLE: Improve config dialog font change user interface open rhettinger terry.reedy enhancement 9
13802 yesterday IDLE Prefernces/Fonts: use multiple alphabets in examples has patch has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 10
30931 yesterday Race condition in asyncore may access the wrong dispatcher has PR open walkhour   resource usage 3
30980 yesterday Calling asyncore.file_wrapper.close twice may close unrelated file descriptor has PR open Nir Soffer     1
29284 yesterday Include thread_name_prefix in the concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor example open jftuga docs@python enhancement 5
27099 yesterday IDLE: turn builting extensions into regular modules has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 21
30974 yesterday Update os.samefile docstring to match documentation open eMPee584 docs@python behavior 2
28638 yesterday Optimize namedtuple creation has patch has PR open inada.naoki rhettinger performance 59
30975 yesterday multiprocessing.Condition.notify_all() blocks indefinitely if a process waiting on it has died open mickp   behavior 4
30966 yesterday multiprocessing.queues.SimpleQueue leaks 2 fds has PR open arigo     7
30945 yesterday loop.create_server does not detect if the interface is IPv6 enabled has patch open cecton   behavior 6
10544 yesterday yield expression inside generator expression does nothing open Inyeol.Lee levkivskyi behavior 21
30940 yesterday Documentation for round() is incorrect. open George K docs@python   12
29144 yesterday Implicit namespace packages in Python 3.6 open frenzy   behavior 7
30333 2 days ago test_multiprocessing_forkserver: poll() failed on AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Non-Debug 3.5 open haypo     2
30972 2 days ago Event loop incorrectly inherited in child processes. open Elvis.Pranskevichus   behavior 1
25658 2 days ago PyThread assumes pthread_key_t is an integer, which is against POSIX has patch has PR open EdSchouten   compile error 35
30969 2 days ago Docs should say that `x is z or x == z` is used for `x in y` in containers that do not implement `__contains__` has PR open ztane docs@python enhancement 2
29225 2 days ago distutils.command.install_lib.get_outputs() wrong with extensions built inplace has patch has PR open Elvis Stansvik   behavior 9
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