ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22115 1 1/4 hours ago Add new methods to trace Tkinter variables has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 11
22079 1 1/4 hours ago Ensure in PyType_Ready() that base class of static type is static has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 18
27387 2 hours ago Thread hangs on str.encode() when locale is not set open joshpurvis   behavior 1
27389 4 hours ago When a TypeError is raised due to invalid arguments to a method, it should use __qualname__ to identify the class the method is in open Steven.Barker   enhancement 1
23551 4 hours ago IDLE to provide menu link to PIP gui. open rhettinger terry.reedy enhancement 71
27388 5 hours ago IDLE configdialog: reduce multiple references to Var names open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
27363 6 hours ago Complex with negative zero imaginary part open Vedran.Čačić   behavior 10
27051 8 hours ago Create PIP gui open upendra-k14   enhancement 42
26867 10 hours ago test_ssl test_options fails on ubuntu 16.04 open xiang.zhang   behavior 16
24364 11 hours ago Not all defects pass through email policy has patch open r.david.murray   behavior 6
27386 11 hours ago Asyncio server hang when clients connect and immediately disconnect open j1m   behavior 1
27130 yesterday zlib: OverflowError while trying to compress 2^32 bytes or more has patch open Klamann     20
26896 yesterday mix-up with the terms 'importer', 'finder', 'loader' in the import system and related code has patch open Oren Milman brett.cannon   6
23968 yesterday rename the platform directory from plat-$(MACHDEP) to plat-$(PLATFORM_TRIPLET) has patch open doko     16
20825 yesterday containment test for "ip_network in ip_network" has patch open exhuma pmoody enhancement 23
26865 yesterday Meta-issue: support of the android platform open xdegaye   enhancement 10
20842 yesterday pkgutil docs should reference glossary terms not PEP 302 has patch open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 6
20674 yesterday Update comments in dictobject.c has patch open rhettinger     7
27353 yesterday Add nroot function to math open steven.daprano   enhancement 9
26027 yesterday Support Path objects in the posix module has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 5
27364 yesterday Deprecate invalid unicode escape sequences has patch open ebarry   behavior 8
27377 yesterday Add smarter socket.fromfd() open nascheme   enhancement 6
27385 yesterday itertools.groupby has misleading doc string has patch open gmathews rhettinger   2
26907 yesterday Add missing getsockopt constants open christian.heimes   enhancement 3
27351 yesterday Unexpected behavior when passed fileobject open Rich.Rauenzahn lukasz.langa behavior 6
27182 yesterday PEP 519 support in the stdlib has patch open ethan.furman brett.cannon enhancement 17
27384 yesterday itertools islice consumes items when given negative range open Matthew Malcomson rhettinger behavior 1
27344 yesterday zipfile *does* support utf-8 filenames open dholth docs@python   11
18391 yesterday socket.fromfd()'s API is difficult or impossible to use correctly in general open cks   enhancement 8
26171 yesterday heap overflow in zipimporter module open Insu Yun   security 7
27198 yesterday Adding an assertClose() method to unittest.TestCase has patch open ChrisBarker   enhancement 19
22455 yesterday idna/punycode give wrong results on narrow builds open bukzor     2
21106 yesterday Updated Mac folder icon open viveksjain ned.deily enhancement 15
13829 yesterday exception error in when called after fork open Dan.kamp   crash 12
27380 2 days ago IDLE: add base Query dialog with ttk widgets has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
27379 2 days ago SocketType changed in Python 3 open martin.panter     1
26537 2 days ago ConfigParser has optionxform, but not sectionxform has patch open Anaphory lukasz.langa enhancement 4
13344 2 days ago closed sockets don't raise EBADF anymore open pitrou   behavior 3
27376 2 days ago Add mock_import method to mock module has patch open Eyal Posener   enhancement 1
27172 2 days ago Undeprecate inspect.getfullargspec() has patch open ryan.petrello yselivanov enhancement 12
27350 2 days ago Compact and ordered dict has patch open naoki   resource usage 10
27373 2 days ago logging.handlers.SysLogHandler with TCP not working on rsyslog5.8 open 吴冉波   behavior 2
27374 2 days ago Cygwin: Makefile does not install DLL import library has patch open erik.bray   behavior 1
14061 3 days ago Misc fixes and cleanups in archiving code in shutil and test_shutil has patch open eric.araujo   behavior 8
25572 3 days ago _ssl doesn't build on OSX 10.11 open matrixise ned.deily   9
22228 3 days ago Adapt bash readline operate-and-get-next function has patch open lelit   enhancement 12
25588 3 days ago Run test suite from IDLE subprocess open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 2
27369 3 days ago [PATCH] Tests break with --with-system-expat and Expat 2.2.0 has patch open sping   behavior 2
27196 3 days ago Eliminate 'ThemeChanged' warning when running IDLE tests open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 6
27372 3 days ago Test_idle should stop changing locale has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
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