ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22536 8 minutes ago subprocess should include filename in FileNotFoundError exception open charpov   behavior 1
22537 13 minutes ago Failure building 2.7 docs on Windows open terry.reedy docs@python behavior 3
12029 an hour ago Catching virtual subclasses in except clauses has patch open acooke   enhancement 25
22538 2 hours ago turtledemo two_canvases reversion open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
22535 3 hours ago headerregistry.Address introduces extra quotes without addr_spec parameter open krother   behavior 2
19915 4 hours ago int.bit_at(n) - Accessing a single bit in O(1) open anon   enhancement 33
19342 5 hours ago Improve grp module docstrings has patch open mgedmin docs@python enhancement 2
18982 5 hours ago Add tests for CLI of the calendar module has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
22534 5 hours ago Possible Memory Leak with 'shelve' open tjhnson     3
11646 5 hours ago 2to3: msvcrt.(get|put)ch -> (get|put)wch open techtonik     2
17799 6 hours ago settrace docs are wrong about "c_call" events open nedbat docs@python behavior 2
17219 6 hours ago cross add Python's library directory when building python standard extensions has patch open rpetrov   compile error 3
18096 6 hours ago bad library order returned by has patch open taylor   behavior 3
11598 6 hours ago missing afxres.h error when building bdist_wininst in Visual Studio 2008 Express has patch open carljm   compile error 6
21614 6 hours ago Case sensitivity problem in multiprocessing. open ColinPDavidson   crash 3
22533 6 hours ago Counter with no keys does not compare equal to Counter with keys which zero value open ethan.furman   behavior 3
22401 7 hours ago argparse: 'resolve' conflict handler damages the actions of the parent parser has patch open paul.j3 docs@python behavior 3
21999 7 hours ago shlex: bug in posix mode handling of empty strings has patch open isoschiz   behavior 3
1521950 7 hours ago shlex.split() does not tokenize like the shell has patch open robodan   enhancement 27
17780 9 hours ago the test suite should use a TEMPDIR in the build directory, not the source directory open doko     2
17784 9 hours ago the test suite should honor an http_proxy for running the test suite open doko   enhancement 2
17753 9 hours ago test_zipfile: requires write access to test and email.test open doko   behavior 1
17582 9 hours ago xml.etree.ElementTree does not preserve whitespaces in attributes open piro   behavior 1
17446 9 hours ago doctest test finder doesnt find line numbers of properties open Ronny.Pfannschmidt   behavior 2
8138 9 hours ago wsgiref.simple_server.SimpleServer claims to be multithreaded open sgala   behavior 2
9274 9 hours ago code.InteractiveInterpreter fails to change locals when invoked in a function open ericp docs@python behavior 8
4609 9 hours ago Allow use of > 256 FD's on solaris in 32 bit mode open   enhancement 4
17293 10 hours ago uuid.getnode() MAC address on AIX has patch open aivarsk serhiy.storchaka behavior 7
21356 11 hours ago Support LibreSSL (instead of OpenSSL): make RAND_egd optional open Edd.Barrett     6
22515 12 hours ago Implement partial order on Counter open cool-RR   enhancement 40
22187 yesterday commands.mkarg() buggy in East Asian locales open jwilk   security 6
9949 yesterday os.path.realpath on Windows does not follow symbolic links has patch open stutzbach   behavior 12
22528 yesterday Missing hint to source code open Friedrich.Spee.von.Langenfeld docs@python   3
22472 yesterday OSErrors should use str and not repr on paths open r.david.murray   behavior 10
22001 yesterday containers "same" does not always mean "__eq__". open Jim.Jewett rhettinger enhancement 4
21574 yesterday Port image types detections from PIL to the imghdr module open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
21963 yesterday 2.7.8 backport of Issue1856 (avoid daemon thread problems at shutdown) breaks ceph open ned.deily     10
19113 yesterday duplicate test names in Lib/ctypes/test/ open xdegaye   behavior 3
17873 yesterday _ctypes/libffi missing bits for aarch64 support has patch open schwab   compile error 7
13451 yesterday speedup cancel() method has patch open giampaolo.rodola rhettinger performance 18
18199 yesterday Windows: support path longer than 260 bytes using "\\?\" prefix open Voo   enhancement 6
8304 yesterday time.strftime() and Unicode characters on Windows open AndiDog   behavior 8
1471934 yesterday Python libcrypt build problem on Solaris 8, 9, 10 and OpenSolaris has patch open eggert   compile error 4
9917 yesterday resource max value represented as signed when should be unsigned open r.david.murray   behavior 3
1180267 yesterday expanding platform module and making it work as it should open nkour lemburg enhancement 8
22333 yesterday test_threaded_import.test_parallel_meta_path() failed on x86 Windows7 3.x open haypo     3
22334 yesterday test_tcl.test_split() fails on "x86 FreeBSD 7.2 3.x" buildbot open haypo     8
19235 yesterday Add a dedicated subclass for recursion errors has patch open elazar   enhancement 8
16155 yesterday Some minor doc fixes in Doc/faq has patch open Ravi.Sinha docs@python enhancement 4
2382 yesterday [Py3k] SyntaxError cursor shifted if multibyte character is in line. has patch open ocean-city   behavior 28
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