ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
32887 1/2 an hour ago os: Users of path_converter don't handle fd == -1 properly open izbyshev   behavior 1
32843 1/2 an hour ago More revisions to docs has PR open csabella docs@python enhancement 2
32849 2 hours ago Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: can't initialize sys standard streams has patch has PR open rudolphf   crash 9
32883 3 hours ago Key agreement parameters not accessible open sruester christian.heimes enhancement 3
32886 3 hours ago new Boolean ABC in numbers module + Integral>Integer renaming open smarie   enhancement 1
32820 4 hours ago Add __format__ method to ipaddress has PR open ewosborne   enhancement 22
32885 5 hours ago Tools/scripts/ leaves bunch of ~ suffixed files around with no opt-out has PR open hroncok   behavior 2
32882 6 hours ago SSLContext.set_ecdh_curve() not accepting x25519 has PR open sruester christian.heimes behavior 2
32884 6 hours ago Adding the ability for getpass to print asterisks when passowrd is typed open matanya.stroh   enhancement 1
32857 8 hours ago tkinter after_cancel does not behave correctly when called with id=None has PR open csabella   behavior 6
32881 12 hours ago pycapsule:PyObject * is NULL pointer open zhaoya   crash 1
32880 12 hours ago IDLE: Fix and update and cleanup pyparse open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 3
32872 yesterday backport of #32305 causes regressions in various packages open doko   crash 5
31848 yesterday "aifc" module does not always initialize "Aifc_read._ssnd_chunk" has PR open Zero   behavior 1
32500 yesterday PySequence_Length() raises TypeError on dict type has PR open mgorny docs@python behavior 9
32879 yesterday Race condition in multiprocessing Queue open TwistedSim   behavior 2
32556 yesterday support bytes paths in nt _getdiskusage, _getvolumepathname, and _getfinalpathname has PR open eryksun steve.dower enhancement 1
32878 yesterday Document value of st_ino on Windows has PR open gvanrossum steve.dower   1
32876 yesterday HTMLParser raises exception on some inputs open hanno   behavior 4
29241 yesterday sys._enablelegacywindowsfsencoding() don't apply to os.fsencode and os.fsdecode open JGoutin   behavior 16
32873 yesterday Pickling of typing types open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 5
32874 yesterday IDLE: Add tests for pyparse has PR open csabella terry.reedy enhancement 3
32877 yesterday Login to with Google account NOT working open ruffsl     1
30439 yesterday Expose the subinterpreters C-API in the stdlib. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 4
32604 yesterday Expose the subinterpreters C-API in Python for testing use. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 31
32856 yesterday Optimize the `for y in [x]` idiom in comprehensions has PR open serhiy.storchaka   performance 5
32875 yesterday Add __exit__() method to event loops open porton   enhancement 1
32854 yesterday Add ** Map Unpacking Support for namedtuple open John Crawford   enhancement 7
32457 yesterday Windows Python cannot handle an early PATH entry containing ".." and python.exe has PR open Ray Donnelly steve.dower crash 5
32846 yesterday Deletion of large sets of strings is extra slow open terry.reedy   performance 14
29612 yesterday TarFile.extract() suffers from hard links inside tarball has patch has PR open Jussi Judin   behavior 4
24159 yesterday Misleading TypeError when pickling bytes to a file opened as text open jason.coombs   enhancement 2
31966 yesterday [EASY C][Windows] print('hello\n', end='', flush=True) raises OSError when ran with py -u has PR open Guillaume Aldebert serhiy.storchaka behavior 7
32388 yesterday Remove cross-version binary compatibility has PR open pitrou   behavior 4
32387 yesterday Disallow untagged C extension import on major platforms has patch has PR open pitrou   enhancement 16
20928 yesterday xml.etree.ElementInclude does not include nested xincludes has patch has PR open James.Bailey   enhancement 15
32871 yesterday Interrupt .communicate() on SIGTERM/INT open porton   behavior 1
25988 yesterday has PR open abarnert levkivskyi enhancement 26
32540 2 days ago venv docs - doesn't match behavior has PR open jason.coombs docs@python enhancement 3
28956 2 days ago return list of modes for a multimodal distribution instead of raising a StatisticsError has PR open sria91   behavior 11
32865 2 days ago os.pipe creates inheritable FDs with a bad internal state on Windows open eryksun   behavior 4
32867 2 days ago argparse assertion failure with multiline metavars open MaT1g3R   behavior 1
32862 2 days ago os.dup2(fd, fd, inheritable=False) behaves inconsistently has PR open izbyshev   behavior 3
32866 2 days ago zipimport loader.get_data() requires absolute zip file path open barry     1
30638 2 days ago Additional dependencies and rule for `make regen-all` has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 6
32716 2 days ago register --repository is broken open shimizukawa     2
22167 3 days ago iglob() has misleading documentation (does indeed store names internally) open roysmith docs@python enhancement 8
32861 3 days ago urllib.robotparser: incomplete __str__ methods has PR open michael-lazar   behavior 1
17050 3 days ago argparse.REMAINDER doesn't work as first argument open chris.jerdonek   behavior 11
32829 3 days ago Lib/ be more pythonic open dilyan.palauzov   performance 3
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