ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
22021 1/2 an hour ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work open DemoHT docs@python behavior 7
22041 3/4 hours ago http POST request with python 3.3 through web proxy open AlexMJ   behavior 2
9949 1 3/4 hours ago os.path.realpath on Windows does not follow symbolic links open stutzbach   behavior 12
14044 3 hours ago IncompleteRead error with urllib2 or urllib.request -- fine with urllib, wget, or curl open Alex Quinn   behavior 5
3566 3 hours ago httplib persistent connections violate MUST in RFC2616 sec 8.1.4. open cananian orsenthil   6
1481032 3 hours ago patch smtplib:when SMTPDataError, rset crashes with sslerror open kxroberto   behavior 7
1191964 3 hours ago add non-blocking read and write methods to subprocess.Popen open josiahcarlson   enhancement 53
15267 3 hours ago tempfile.TemporaryFile and httplib incompatibility open tzs   behavior 7
22018 4 hours ago Add a new signal.set_wakeup_socket() function open haypo     18
18643 4 hours ago add a fallback socketpair() implementation in open neologix   enhancement 22
18605 4 hours ago 2.7: test_threading hangs on Solaris 9 open automatthias   compile error 6
16005 4 hours ago smtplib.SMTP().sendmail() and rset() open DDarko   behavior 9
17548 4 hours ago unittest.mock: test_create_autospec_unbound_methods is skipped open haypo     3
21850 4 hours ago Fix httplib and SimpleHTTPServer in unicodeless build open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
2091 5 hours ago file accepts 'rU+' as a mode open brett.cannon   behavior 8
18174 5 hours ago Make regrtest with --huntrleaks check for fd leaks open sbt     5
22052 5 hours ago Comparison operators called in reverse order for subclasses with no override. open mark.dickinson docs@python   2
22042 6 hours ago signal.set_wakeup_fd(fd): set the fd to non-blocking mode open haypo     5
22054 6 hours ago Add os.get_blocking() and os.set_blocking() functions open haypo   enhancement 2
14117 6 hours ago Turtledemo: exception and minor glitches. open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 7
21990 6 hours ago saxutils defines an inner class where a normal one would do open alex     2
22051 7 hours ago Turtledemo: stop reloading demos open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
19776 8 hours ago Provide expanduser() on Path objects open pitrou   enhancement 18
21573 8 hours ago Clean up code formatting open jesstess jesstess enhancement 12
22049 9 hours ago argparse: type=<callable> doesn't honor nargs > 1 open Chris.Bruner docs@python behavior 2
11077 9 hours ago Tkinter is not thread safe pending PythonInTheGrass   crash 24
5718 9 hours ago Problem compiling ffi part of build on AIX 5.3. open dbyrne   compile error 4
18844 10 hours ago allow weights in random.choice open aisaac rhettinger enhancement 25
1598 11 hours ago unexpected response in imaplib open smoser   behavior 14
22047 11 hours ago argparse improperly prints mutually exclusive options when they are in a group open Sam.Kerr   behavior 1
21044 12 hours ago tarfile does not handle file .name being an int open seirl serhiy.storchaka behavior 24
21423 12 hours ago concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor should accept an initializer argument open andreasvc     10
21580 12 hours ago PhotoImage(data=...) apparently has to be UTF-8 or Base-64 encoded open vadmium serhiy.storchaka behavior 5
22038 yesterday Implement atomic operations on non-x86 platforms open   enhancement 2
14484 yesterday missing return in win32_kill? open pitrou   behavior 10
17293 yesterday uuid.getnode() MAC address on AIX open aivarsk   behavior 6
21591 yesterday "exec(a, b, c)" not the same as "exec a in b, c" in nested functions open Robert.Jordens   behavior 4
22046 yesterday should mention that it might throw NotImplementedError open detly docs@python enhancement 1
22045 yesterday Python make issue open skerr   behavior 1
21777 yesterday Separate out documentation of binary sequence methods open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 7
21987 yesterday TarFile.getmember on directory requires trailing slash iff over 100 chars open moloney   behavior 5
21933 yesterday Allow the user to change font sizes with the text pane of turtledemo open Lita.Cho     16
18355 yesterday Merge super() guide into documentation open Russkel rhettinger enhancement 3
20468 yesterday resource module documentation is incorrect open Kurt.Rose     2
22036 yesterday Obsolete reference to stringobject in comment open numerodix   enhancement 1
21955 yesterday ceval.c: implement fast path for integers with a single digit open haypo   performance 14
13299 yesterday namedtuple row factory for sqlite3 open ncoghlan   enhancement 12
22044 yesterday Premature Py_DECREF while generating a TypeError in call_tzinfo_method open Knio   crash 2
22043 yesterday Use a monotonic clock to compute timeouts open haypo   enhancement 2
21867 yesterday Turtle returns TypeError when undobuffer is set to 0 (aka no undo is allowed) open Lita.Cho rhettinger   5
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