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22619 9 minutes ago Possible implementation of negative limit for traceback functions has patch open vlth serhiy.storchaka enhancement 33
23910 11 minutes ago C implementation of namedtuple (WIP) has patch open llllllllll rhettinger enhancement 15
9517 1/4 hour ago Make test.script_helper more comprehensive, and use it in the test suite has patch open pitrou   enhancement 45
24018 1 1/2 hours ago add a Generator ABC has patch open scoder rhettinger enhancement 25
24017 2 hours ago Implemenation of the PEP 492 - Coroutines with async and await syntax has patch open haypo yselivanov enhancement 7
22057 3 hours ago The doc say all globals are copied on eval(), but only __builtins__ is copied has patch open amishne rhettinger   5
22881 4 hours ago show median in benchmark results has patch open scoder   enhancement 8
23796 5 hours ago BufferedReader.peek() crashes if closed has patch open vadmium berker.peksag crash 12
24063 5 hours ago Support Mageia and Arch Linux in the platform module open akien     1
24062 6 hours ago links to os.stat() in documentation lead to stat module instead has patch open july docs@python enhancement 1
5784 6 hours ago raw deflate format and zlib module open phr docs@python enhancement 8
22544 7 hours ago Inconsistent cmath.log behaviour open pitrou mark.dickinson behavior 5
23496 8 hours ago Steps for Android Native Build of Python 3.4.2 has patch open chaselton   enhancement 119
24053 8 hours ago Define EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE constants in sys has patch open belopolsky belopolsky enhancement 8
13567 9 hours ago HTTPError interface changes / breaks depending on what was passed to constructor has patch open Keto   behavior 2
24021 yesterday Add docstring to urllib.urlretrieve open krichter docs@python enhancement 3
20485 yesterday Enable non-ASCII extension module names has patch open Suzumizaki   enhancement 19
22486 yesterday Add math.gcd() has patch open scoder   performance 46
15339 yesterday document the threading "facts of life" in Python open chris.jerdonek     5
23955 yesterday Add python.ini file for embedded/applocal installs open steve.dower steve.dower   10
23670 yesterday Modifications to support iOS as a cross-compilation target has patch open freakboy3742 ned.deily enhancement 16
23857 yesterday Make default HTTPS certificate verification setting configurable via global ini file has patch open rkuska   enhancement 44
24060 yesterday Clearify necessities for logging with timestamps open krichter docs@python   1
11477 yesterday Incorrect operand precedence when implementing sequences in C has patch open terry.reedy   behavior 24
24056 yesterday Expose closure & generator status in function repr() open ncoghlan   enhancement 1
23810 yesterday Suboptimal stacklevel of deprecation warnings for formatter and imp modules has patch open Arfrever brett.cannon behavior 6
24037 yesterday Argument Clinic: add the boolint converter has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
24009 yesterday Get rid of rare format units in PyArg_Parse* has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 3
23967 yesterday Make inspect.signature expression evaluation more powerful has patch open larry larry enhancement 10
15582 yesterday Enhance inspect.getdoc to follow inheritance chains has patch open ncoghlan serhiy.storchaka enhancement 22
20182 yesterday Derby #13: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 5 files has patch open larry   enhancement 19
23911 yesterday Move path-based bootstrap code to a separate frozen file. has patch open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 4
23993 yesterday Use surrogateescape error handler by default in open() if the LC_CTYPE locale is C at startup has patch open haypo     11
22906 yesterday PEP 479: Change StopIteration handling inside generators has patch open Rosuav   enhancement 34
19543 yesterday Add -3 warnings for codec convenience method changes has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 6
23840 2 days ago leaks an open binary file on TextIOWrapper error has patch open haypo   resource usage 15
23863 2 days ago Fix EINTR Socket Module issues in 2.7 has patch open mcjeff gregory.p.smith behavior 27
24054 2 days ago Invalid syntax in (on Python 2.x) has patch open ddriddle   compile error 2
24055 2 days ago unittest package-level set up & tear down module open demian.brecht   enhancement 1
24039 2 days ago Idle: some modal dialogs maximize, don't minimize open prince09cs   behavior 2
23723 2 days ago Provide a way to disable bytecode staleness checks open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement 10
24043 2 days ago Implement mac_romanian and mac_croatian encodings open Behdad.Esfahbod     8
24041 2 days ago Implement Mac East Asian encodings properly open Behdad.Esfahbod     7
24052 2 days ago sys.exit(code) returns "success" to the OS for some nonzero values of code open belopolsky   behavior 9
14019 2 days ago Unify tests for str.format and string.Formatter has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 15
22931 2 days ago cookies with square brackets in value has patch open Waldemar.Parzonka   behavior 14
14376 2 days ago sys.exit documents argument as "integer" but actually requires "subtype of int" has patch open Gareth.Rees   behavior 18
24048 2 days ago remove_module() needs to save/restore exception state open herring   behavior 1
20168 2 days ago Derby: Convert the _tkinter module to use Argument Clinic has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 11
24051 2 days ago Argument Clinic no longer works with single optional argument open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
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