ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
28918 3/4 hours ago cross compiling xxlimited fails with "Py_LIMITED_API is incompatible with Py_DEBUG" open xdegaye xdegaye behavior 1
28898 2 hours ago Can't compile gdb with Python 3.6 open cstratak ned.deily   7
28916 2 hours ago Not matched behavior of modulo operator % with the description of the documentation open woo yoo docs@python behavior 2
28902 3 hours ago 3.6.0rc1 installer fails to install / uninstall. open Decorater   behavior 4
28912 4 hours ago has patch open jab   enhancement 4
28091 4 hours ago Document PEP 525 has patch open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 7
28914 6 hours ago selectmodule build fails has patch open sxsns243   compile error 3
23395 6 hours ago _thread.interrupt_main() errors if SIGINT handler in SIG_DFL, SIG_IGN has patch open takluyver   behavior 14
22294 7 hours ago 2to3 consuming_calls: len, min, max, zip, map, reduce, filter, dict, xrange has patch open eddygeek   enhancement 1
28874 7 hours ago test_logging fails and freezes open Whitequill Riclo   behavior 2
28915 8 hours ago Modify PyObject_CallFunction() to use fast call internally open haypo   performance 3
26267 9 hours ago UUID docs should say how to get "standard form" has patch open abarnert docs@python enhancement 13
28913 9 hours ago "Fatal Python error: Cannot recover from stack overflow." from RecursionError in Python 3.5 open Richard Eames   crash 1
28147 10 hours ago Unbounded memory growth resizing split-table dicts has patch open minrk   crash 32
28867 11 hours ago NamedTemporaryFile does not generate a ResourceWarning for unclosed files (unlike TemporaryFile) has patch open jdufresne   behavior 9
22343 11 hours ago Install bash activate script on Windows when using venv has patch open marfire   enhancement 5
28911 11 hours ago Clarify the behaviour of assert_called_once_with has patch open 153957 docs@python enhancement 1
28908 yesterday pydoc getdocloc() is broken open nascheme   behavior 3
28909 yesterday Adding LTTng-UST tracing support has patch open Francis Deslauriers   enhancement 1
25711 yesterday Rewrite zipimport from scratch has patch open brett.cannon   enhancement 10
28907 yesterday test_pydoc fails if build is in sub-directory open nascheme r.david.murray behavior 1
28896 yesterday Embeddable zip allows Windows registry to override module location has patch open izbyshev steve.dower behavior 10
28901 yesterday Windows: document that site is not imported by default by embeddable distribution open Matthias v/d Meent docs@python enhancement 3
28838 yesterday Using consistent naming for arguments of "call" functions (C API) has patch open haypo   enhancement 19
28331 yesterday "CPython implementation detail:" removed when content translated has patch open inada.naoki docs@python enhancement 6
28190 yesterday Detect curses headers correctly for cross-compiling has patch open Chi Hsuan Yen   compile error 8
28900 yesterday update 'docs for other versions' open Matthias v/d Meent ned.deily enhancement 9
28635 yesterday Update What's New for 3.6 has patch open Elvis.Pranskevichus yselivanov enhancement 29
28893 yesterday Make sure exceptions raised in __aiter__ are properly chained in ceval has patch open yselivanov yselivanov behavior 4
28339 yesterday "TypeError: Parameterized generics cannot be used with class or instance checks" in test_functools after importing typing module open Arfrever     17
28755 yesterday Rework syntax highlighing in howto/clinic.rst has patch open mdk docs@python   5
26483 yesterday docs unclear on difference between str.isdigit() and str.isdecimal() has patch open ethan.furman docs@python enhancement 11
28779 yesterday set_forkserver_preload() can crash the forkserver if preloaded module instantiate multiprocessing classes has patch open pitrou   behavior 8
26865 yesterday Meta-issue: support of the android platform open xdegaye   enhancement 30
672115 yesterday Assignment to __bases__ of direct object subclasses open glchapman   enhancement 18
27200 yesterday make doctest in CPython has failures has patch open Jelle Zijlstra Jelle Zijlstra behavior 14
20211 yesterday do not add system header locations when cross compiling has patch open thomas-petazzoni   compile error 5
28810 yesterday Document bytecode changes in 3.6 has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 4
28895 yesterday Two suggestions for windows.html open mark docs@python enhancement 1
26110 yesterday Speedup method calls 1.2x has patch open yselivanov yselivanov performance 15
5322 yesterday Python 2.6 object.__new__ argument calling autodetection faulty has patch open aronacher serhiy.storchaka behavior 14
28596 yesterday on Android _bootlocale on startup relies on too many library modules has patch open xdegaye xdegaye performance 9
10016 yesterday shutil.copyfile -- allow sparse copying has patch open karaken12 tarek enhancement 8
28884 yesterday Python 3.5.2 non-segfaulting bugs (from PyPy) open arigo   behavior 15
10401 yesterday Globals / builtins cache has patch open pitrou   performance 5
28328 2 days ago statistics.geometric_mean has no tests. Defer to 3.7? has patch open mark.dickinson steven.daprano behavior 10
28885 2 days ago Python 3.5.2 strange-behavior issues (from PyPy) has patch open arigo   behavior 15
28866 2 days ago Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch open sjpalt   crash 11
28886 2 days ago Move deprecated abc module decorators to separate section in docs open John Hagen docs@python enhancement 3
28891 2 days ago Standardise more behaviours for zero-argument super() __class__ and __classcell__ open ncoghlan   behavior 2
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