ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
16314 6 minutes ago Support xz compression in distutils open serhiy.storchaka eric.araujo enhancement 5
5411 9 minutes ago Add xz support to shutil open proyvind eric.araujo enhancement 25
9232 an hour ago Allow trailing comma in any function argument list. open mark.dickinson   enhancement 14
22046 1 1/4 hours ago should mention that it might throw NotImplementedError open detly docs@python enhancement 1
19023 1 3/4 hours ago ctypes docs: Unimplemented and undocumented features open syeberman docs@python enhancement 4
10803 2 hours ago ctypes: better support of bytearray objects open mfxmfx theller enhancement 2
21907 2 hours ago Update Windows build batch scripts open zach.ware zach.ware enhancement 20
6259 2 hours ago ctypes pointer arithmetic open theller theller enhancement 2
11429 3 hours ago ctypes is highly eclectic in its raw-memory support open benrg theller enhancement 5
20341 5 hours ago Argument Clinic: add "nullable ints" open larry larry enhancement 36
22029 6 hours ago argparse - CSS white-space: like control for individual text blocks open paul.j3   enhancement 2
22108 7 hours ago python c api wchar_t*/char* passing contradiction open thejj   compile error 8
22117 7 hours ago Rewrite pytime.h to work on nanoseconds open haypo   enhancement 3
7897 7 hours ago Support parametrized tests in unittest open fperez michael.foord enhancement 57
7944 7 hours ago Use the 'with' statement in conjunction with 'open' throughout test modules open midnightdf   enhancement 19
20056 7 hours ago Got deprecation warning when running on Windows NT 6 open vajrasky   behavior 2
22043 8 hours ago Use a monotonic clock to compute timeouts open haypo   enhancement 7
18651 8 hours ago test failures on KFreeBSD open doko   behavior 5
16255 8 hours ago subrocess.Popen needs /bin/sh but Android only has /system/bin/sh open brousch   behavior 14
11271 8 hours ago doesn't batch function arguments by chunks open tbrink   performance 13
21859 10 hours ago Add Python implementation of FileIO open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
22116 11 hours ago Weak reference support for C function objects open pitrou   enhancement 1
22110 11 hours ago enable extra compilation warnings open neologix   enhancement 6
17085 12 hours ago test_socket crashes the whole test suite open     9
18188 12 hours ago ERROR: test_no_optimize_flag on Mageia Linux Cauldron x86-64 with certain configure flags open shlomif   behavior 8
18004 12 hours ago test_list.test_overflow crashes Win64 open anselm.kruis   resource usage 5
17923 12 hours ago test glob with trailing slash fail open delhallt   behavior 2
21860 12 hours ago Correct FileIO docstrings open serhiy.storchaka haypo behavior 3
1702036 yesterday Make Turtle thread-safe so it does not crash open korka   enhancement 7
18142 yesterday Tests fail on Mageia Linux Cauldron x86-64 with some configure flags open shlomif   behavior 3
19062 yesterday problems with pyshell to get userdir open weizhao   behavior 2
15862 yesterday IDLE not working when due to wrong Hard Drive point of os.path.expanduser pending Cemal.Duman   behavior 5
22112 yesterday '_UnixSelectorEventLoop' object has no attribute 'create_task' open pydanny docs@python   7
20170 yesterday Derby #1: Convert 137 sites to Argument Clinic in Modules/posixmodule.c open larry larry enhancement 16
22114 yesterday You cannot call communicate() safely after receiving an exception (EINTR or EAGAIN) open amrith     10
18402 yesterday Finding perl64 open mjdorma   compile error 5
22100 yesterday Use $HOSTPYTHON when determining candidate interpreter for $PYTHON_FOR_BUILD. open shiz   enhancement 2
15986 yesterday memoryview: expose 'buf' attribute open skrah   enhancement 8
15381 yesterday Optimize BytesIO to do less reallocations when written, similarly to StringIO open eli.bendersky serhiy.storchaka performance 28
22115 yesterday Add new methods to trace Tkinter variables open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
18597 yesterday On Windows sys.stdin.readline() doesn't handle Ctrl-C properly open Drekin tim.golden behavior 6
17620 yesterday Python interactive console doesn't use sys.stdin for input open Drekin   enhancement 16
22113 yesterday memoryview and struct.pack_into open stangelandcl   behavior 2
21308 yesterday PEP 466: backport ssl changes open ncoghlan   enhancement 24
11955 yesterday 3.3 : fails 'make test' open Jason.Vas.Dias   behavior 7
22063 yesterday asyncio: sock_xxx() methods of event loops should check ath sockets are non-blocking open haypo     7
19007 yesterday precise time.time() under Windows 8: use GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime open pitrou   enhancement 4
22068 yesterday tkinter: avoid reference loops with Variables and Fonts open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 10
15443 yesterday datetime module has no support for nanoseconds open goshawk belopolsky enhancement 31
18477 yesterday fix_import (2to3 fixer) is not case-sensitive open Valentin.Lorentz   behavior 2
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