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22678 13 minutes ago An OSError subclass for "no space left on device" would be nice has patch open bochecha   enhancement 1
22660 1 3/4 hours ago Review ssl docs for security recommendations has patch open pitrou docs@python behavior 5
17401 2 hours ago io.FileIO closefd parameter is not documented nor shown in repr has patch open rbcollins docs@python enhancement 10
22679 4 hours ago Add encodings of supported in glibc locales open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
22682 4 hours ago Add support of KZ1048 (RK1048) encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 1
22681 5 hours ago Add support of KOI8-T encoding has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
22680 6 hours ago unittest discovery is fragile open pitrou   behavior 6
22674 6 hours ago strsignal() missing from signal module open Dolda2000   enhancement 7
21081 6 hours ago missing vietnamese codec TCVN 5712:1993 in Python open progfou   enhancement 7
22445 8 hours ago Memoryviews require more strict contiguous checks then necessary has patch open seberg   enhancement 22
22676 9 hours ago Creating the string representation of a module is slower pending kbengine   performance 2
15989 9 hours ago Possible integer overflow of PyLong_AsLong() results has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka behavior 23
22673 10 hours ago document the special features (eg: fdclose=False) of the standard streams open snaphat docs@python behavior 7
12067 yesterday Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open terry.reedy   enhancement 39
13504 yesterday Meta-issue for "Invent with Python" IDLE feedback open ncoghlan     11
16893 yesterday Generate Idle help from Doc/library/idle.rst has patch open zach.ware   enhancement 26
17535 yesterday IDLE: Add an option to show line numbers along the left side of the editor window, and have it enabled by default. has patch open Todd.Rovito terry.reedy enhancement 28
7559 yesterday TestLoader.loadTestsFromName swallows import errors has patch open rbcollins michael.foord behavior 53
22457 yesterday load_tests not invoked in root when start=package root has patch open rbcollins     4
11820 yesterday idle3 shell os.system swallows shell command output has patch open Thekent   behavior 18
22648 yesterday Unable to install Python 3.4.2 amd64 on Windows 8.1 open brp-log   behavior 12
21949 yesterday Document the Py_SIZE() macro. open gregory.p.smith docs@python enhancement 1
22672 yesterday float arguments in scientific notation not supported by argparse has patch open jnespolo   enhancement 1
22642 yesterday trace module: unclear error message has patch open giampaolo.rodola   behavior 2
16041 yesterday poplib: unlimited readline() from connection has patch open christian.heimes christian.heimes resource usage 17
22665 yesterday shutil.__all__ incomplete has patch open vadmium berker.peksag behavior 2
22490 yesterday Using realpath for __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ makes Homebrew installs fragile has patch open tdsmith ronaldoussoren behavior 12
22671 yesterday Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs open gigaplastik docs@python enhancement 1
22669 yesterday Test_venv fails when _ctypes is not available. open terry.reedy vinay.sajip behavior 7
20155 2 days ago Regression test test_httpservers fails, hangs on Windows has patch open jeff.allen   behavior 25
22668 2 days ago memoryview.format is corrupted due to dangling shared pointer has patch open Knio   crash 2
13918 2 days ago locale.atof documentation is missing func argument has patch open ced   enhancement 18
22524 2 days ago PEP 471 implementation: os.scandir() directory scanning function has patch open benhoyt   enhancement 18
22638 2 days ago ssl module: the SSLv3 protocol is vulnerable ("POODLE" attack) has patch open haypo   security 33
22645 2 days ago Unable to install Python 3.4.2 amd64 on Windows 8.1 Update 1 open Zac.Greve   behavior 6
12020 2 days ago Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open Jimbofbx   behavior 5
22666 2 days ago email.Header no encoding of unicode strings containing newlines has patch open flavio   behavior 1
17095 2 days ago Shared modules built with Modules/Setup are not found when run from build directory has patch open twouters ned.deily   12
21228 2 days ago Missing enumeration of HTTPResponse Objects methods of urllib.request.urlopen's http.client.HTTPResponse? has patch open EvensF docs@python enhancement 18
21436 2 days ago Consider leaving open srittau brett.cannon enhancement 3
15944 2 days ago memoryviews and ctypes open dabeaz   behavior 17
18216 2 days ago gettext doesn't check MO versions has patch open jwilk   behavior 9
22607 2 days ago find by dichotomy the failing test has patch open xdegaye   enhancement 11
22606 2 days ago Inconsistency between Python 2 and PyPy regarding future imports open Claudiu.Popa   behavior 2
16079 2 days ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch open xdegaye   enhancement 18
22656 3 days ago `help` ignores `__doc__` of descriptors open cool-RR     3
22662 3 days ago subprocess.Popen.communicate causing local tty terminal settings to change inconsistently open kflavin   behavior 1
21112 3 days ago 3.4 regression: unittest.expectedFailure no longer works on TestCase subclasses has patch open William.Schwartz   behavior 12
16802 3 days ago fileno argument to socket.socket() undocumented has patch open sbt docs@python enhancement 10
22659 3 days ago SyntaxError in the configure_ctypes open bill9889   compile error 1
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