ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
29903 7 minutes ago struct.Struct Addition has PR open palaviv   enhancement 1
29899 1 1/2 hours ago zlib missing when --enable--optimizations option appended open kyren 原子喵   behavior 2
29902 1 3/4 hours ago copy breaks staticmethod open dangyogi   behavior 2
18059 2 hours ago Add multibyte encoding support to pyexpat has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 15
29533 2 hours ago urllib2 works slowly with proxy on windows has patch has PR open juliadolgova   performance 12
29890 4 hours ago Constructor of ipaddress.IPv*Interface does not follow documentation has PR open Ilya.Kulakov   behavior 7
29694 5 hours ago race condition in pathlib mkdir with flags parents=True has patch open whitespacer   behavior 5
29898 8 hours ago PYTHONLEGACYWINDOWSIOENCODING isn't implemented open eryksun docs@python behavior 3
29897 12 hours ago itertools.chain behaves strangly when copied with copy.copy open MSeifert   behavior 3
29891 yesterday urllib.request.Request accepts but doesn't check bytes headers open ezio.melotti   behavior 2
29176 yesterday /tmp does not exist on Android and is used by curses.window.putwin() has patch has PR open xdegaye   security 29
29521 yesterday Minor warning messages when compiling documentation has PR open JDLH docs@python compile error 18
28556 yesterday upgrades has PR open gvanrossum     21
29624 yesterday Python 3.5.3 x86 web installer cannot install launcher has PR open steve.dower steve.dower crash 7
29680 yesterday gdb/ does not work with gdb 7.2 has PR open belopolsky belopolsky behavior 6
27200 yesterday make doctest in CPython has failures has patch has PR open Jelle Zijlstra Mariatta behavior 29
28129 yesterday assertion failures in ctypes has patch has PR open Oren Milman   crash 3
29572 yesterday Upgrade installers to OpenSSL 1.0.2k has PR open zach.ware ned.deily security 10
27593 yesterday Deprecate sys._mercurial and create sys._git has patch has PR open brett.cannon ned.deily   37
29550 yesterday Mac build-installer touch step fails after github conversion has PR open db3l ned.deily compile error 4
28087 yesterday macOS 12 poll syscall returns prematurely has patch has PR open MicroTransactionsMatterToo     14
29719 yesterday "Date" of what's new is confusing has PR open inada.naoki     12
20087 yesterday Mismatch between glibc and X11 locale.alias has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 25
29571 yesterday test_re is failing when local is set for `en_IN` has patch has PR open jaysinh.shukla ncoghlan behavior 25
29595 yesterday Expose max_queue_size in ThreadPoolExecutor has PR open prayerslayer   enhancement 3
29741 yesterday BytesIO methods don't accept integer types, while StringIO counterparts do has patch has PR open Oren Milman   behavior 18
20185 yesterday Derby #17: Convert 49 sites to Argument Clinic across 13 files has patch has PR open larry   enhancement 60
29893 yesterday create_subprocess_exec doc doesn't match software open Torrin Jones docs@python behavior 1
29798 yesterday Handle "git worktree" in "make patchcheck" has PR open ncoghlan ncoghlan behavior 6
29581 yesterday __init_subclass__ causes TypeError when used with standard library metaclasses (such as ABCMeta) has PR open Nate Soares   behavior 7
29887 yesterday test_normalization doesn't work open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
20186 yesterday Derby #18: Convert 31 sites to Argument Clinic across 23 files has patch has PR open larry   enhancement 54
29116 yesterday Make str and bytes error messages on concatenation conform with other sequences has PR open Jim Fasarakis-Hilliard   enhancement 17
29883 yesterday asyncio: Windows Proactor Event Loop UDP Support open Adam Meily   enhancement 1
29838 yesterday Check that sq_length and mq_length return non-negative result has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 6
29573 yesterday NamedTemporaryFile with delete=True should not fail if file already deleted has PR open richardxia   behavior 7
29553 yesterday Argparser does not display closing parentheses in nested mutex groups has PR open christofsteel bethard behavior 15
29840 yesterday Avoid raising OverflowError in bool() has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
29841 yesterday errors raised by bytes() and bytearray() for invalid size argument open Oren Milman   enhancement 2
29839 yesterday Avoid raising OverflowError in len() when __len__() returns negative large value has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 3
29894 yesterday Deprecate returning a subclass of complex from __complex__ has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
29888 yesterday The link referring to "Python download page" is broken open cocoatomo docs@python   3
29738 yesterday Fix memory leak in SSLSocket.getpeercert() has PR open olivielpeau christian.heimes resource usage 2
18713 yesterday Clearly document the use of PYTHONIOENCODING to set surrogateescape has patch pending ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 34
10631 yesterday ZipFile and current directory change open ocean-city   behavior 7
27425 yesterday Tests fail because of git's newline preferences on Windows has patch open ebarry   behavior 11
17651 yesterday Errno checking replaced by concrete classes inherited from OSError has patch pending atykhonov   enhancement 4
22319 yesterday mailbox.MH chokes on directories without .mh_sequences has patch has PR open gumnos   enhancement 3
29895 yesterday Distutils blows up with an incorrect pypirc, should be caught open Tommy Carpenter   behavior 1
29649 yesterday struct.pack_into check boundary error message ignores offset has PR open louielu serhiy.storchaka enhancement 9
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