ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
26317 3/4 hours ago Build Problem with GCC + Macintosh OS X 10.11 El Capitain open Robert P Fischer     4
26339 1 3/4 hours ago Python rk0.3b1 KeyError: 'config_argparse_rel_path' open sherpa   behavior 1
26338 2 hours ago remove duplicate bind addresses in create_server has patch open sebastien.bourdeauducq     1
15068 2 hours ago fileinput requires two EOF when reading stdin has patch open jason.coombs serhiy.storchaka behavior 28
19543 2 hours ago Add -3 warnings for codec convenience method changes has patch open ncoghlan   enhancement 18
26002 2 hours ago make statistics.median_grouped more efficient has patch open upendra-k14   performance 5
26214 2 hours ago textwrap should minimize number of breaks in extra long words open Tuomas Salo   enhancement 1
25911 3 hours ago Regression: os.walk now using os.scandir() breaks bytes filenames on windows has patch open mont29 serhiy.storchaka behavior 20
25264 3 hours ago test_marshal always crashs on "AMD64 Windows10 2.7" buildbot open haypo   crash 2
26331 4 hours ago Tokenizer: allow underscores for grouping in numeric literals has patch open georg.brandl   enhancement 12
26200 4 hours ago SETREF adds unnecessary work in some cases open rhettinger serhiy.storchaka performance 10
15873 4 hours ago datetime: add ability to parse RFC 3339 dates and times has patch open nagle belopolsky enhancement 25
25596 4 hours ago Use scandir() to speed up the glob module has patch open xdegaye serhiy.storchaka enhancement 23
26182 4 hours ago Deprecation warnings for the future async and await keywords in Python 3.6 open marco.buttu yselivanov enhancement 12
24916 5 hours ago In sysconfig, don't rely on sys.version format has patch open takluyver     6
26337 5 hours ago Bypass imghdr module determines the type of image open Ramin Farajpour Cami   behavior 4
26328 6 hours ago shutil._copyxattr() function shouldn't fail if setting security.selinux xattr fails open bigon   behavior 2
23606 7 hours ago ctypes.util.find_library("c") no longer makes sense open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 19
25937 8 hours ago DIfference between utf8 and utf-8 when i define python source code encoding. has patch open 王杰   behavior 16
18199 9 hours ago Windows: support path longer than 260 bytes using "\\?\" prefix open Voo   enhancement 9
26308 11 hours ago Solaris 10 build issues has patch open gms   compile error 1
26336 12 hours ago Expose regex bytecode as attribute of compiled pattern object open Jonathan Goble   enhancement 1
13749 yesterday socketserver can't stop open teamnoir   behavior 9
12463 yesterday Calling SocketServer.shutdown() when server_forever() was not called will hang has patch open mmarkk   behavior 21
22121 yesterday IDLE should start with HOME as the initial working directory open mark   enhancement 9
13501 yesterday Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch open yaneurabeya   enhancement 15
26314 yesterday interned strings are stored in a dict, a set would use less memory has patch open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 5
26296 yesterday colorys rgb_to_hls algorithm error open Mats Luspa     5
24303 yesterday OSError 17 due to _multiprocessing/semaphore.c assuming a one-to-one Pid -> process mapping. has patch open Paul Hobbs davin behavior 10
25882 yesterday argparse help error: arguments created by add_mutually_exclusive_group() are shown outside their parent group created by add_argument_group() open balage   behavior 6
23992 yesterday multiprocessing: MapResult shouldn't fail fast upon exception has patch open neologix   behavior 8
26335 yesterday Make mmap.write return the number of bytes written like other write methods has patch open jstasiak   enhancement 1
26316 yesterday Probable typo in Arg Clinic’s linear_format() open martin.panter     3
26318 yesterday `, ...).name` returns numeric fd instead of None open mmarkk   behavior 5
17956 yesterday concurrent.futures: add ScheduledExecutor has patch open neologix   enhancement 10
26334 yesterday bytes.translate() doesn't take keyword arguments; docs suggests it does open Nicholas Chammas docs@python   3
25228 yesterday Regression in cookie parsing with brackets and quotes has patch open Tim.Graham   behavior 28
26333 yesterday Multiprocessing imap hangs when generator input errors open Aaron Halfaker   behavior 1
26332 yesterday OSError: exception: access violation writing <...> (Windows 10 x64, Python 3.5.1) open jk     1
26329 yesterday os.path.normpath("//") returns // open Fred Rolland   behavior 2
23078 yesterday unittest.mock patch autospec doesn't work on staticmethods has patch open kevinbenton   behavior 6
26330 yesterday shutil.disk_usage() on Windows can't properly handle unicode open giampaolo.rodola docs@python   6
24015 yesterday timeit should start with 1 loop, not 10 has patch open nomeata     5
26326 yesterday Named entity "vertical line" missed in 2.7 open andreas.roehler     2
26327 yesterday File > Save in IDLE shell window not working open xflr6   behavior 1
21955 yesterday ceval.c: implement fast path for integers with a single digit has patch open haypo yselivanov performance 103
25496 yesterday tarfile: Default value for compresslevel is not documented has patch open Sworddragon docs@python enhancement 5
26253 yesterday tarfile in stream mode always set zlib compression level to 9 open Patrik Dufresne   enhancement 3
26323 yesterday Add a assert_called() method for mock objects open Amit.Saha   enhancement 2
14307 yesterday Make subclassing SocketServer simpler for non-blocking frameworks has patch open kristjan.jonsson   enhancement 6
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