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26647 3 minutes ago ceval: use Wordcode, 16-bit bytecode has patch open Demur Rumed serhiy.storchaka performance 58
27010 3/4 hours ago email library could "recover" from bad mime boundary like (some?) email clients do open Fedele Mantuano   enhancement 7
27122 an hour ago Hang with contextlib.ExitStack and subprocess.Popen (regression) open Valentin David     8
6818 1 3/4 hours ago remove/delete method for zipfile/tarfile objects has patch open rossmclendon   enhancement 33
23883 1 3/4 hours ago __all__ lists are incomplete has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 61
27124 2 hours ago binascii.a2b_hex raises binascii.Error and ValueError, not TypeError open Lennart Grahl docs@python behavior 3
26936 4 hours ago android: test_socket fails has patch open xdegaye   behavior 6
27123 4 hours ago Allow `install_headers` command to follow specific directory structure open sylvain.corlay   enhancement 1
27113 4 hours ago sqlite3 connect parameter "check_same_thread" not documented has patch open Dave Sawyer docs@python enhancement 2
26814 4 hours ago [WIP] Add a new _PyObject_FastCall() function which avoids the creation of a tuple or dict for arguments has patch open haypo   performance 33
27051 4 hours ago Create PIP gui open upendra-k14   enhancement 10
27032 5 hours ago Remove deprecated html.parser.HTMLParser.unescape() has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 6
27110 5 hours ago smtpd.__all__ list is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 5
27108 5 hours ago mimetypes.__all__ list is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 5
5996 5 hours ago abstract class instantiable when subclassing dict has patch open thet rhettinger behavior 8
27120 5 hours ago xmllib unable to parse in UTF8 format open     3
27112 5 hours ago tokenize.__all__ list is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 5
27105 6 hours ago cgi.__all__ is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 6
27106 7 hours ago configparser.__all__ is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 2
27109 7 hours ago plistlib.__all__ list is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 1
27121 8 hours ago imghdr does not support jpg files with Lavc bytes open René Løwe Jacobsen     1
27107 9 hours ago mailbox.__all__ list is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement 6
27119 9 hours ago `compile` doesn't compile into an AST object as specified open leewz docs@python behavior 3
27021 9 hours ago It is not documented that os.writev() suffer from SC_IOV_MAX open mmarkk docs@python enhancement 1
25419 10 hours ago Readline completion of module names in import statements has patch open martin.panter   enhancement 6
26632 10 hours ago __all__ decorator has patch open barry   enhancement 35
16182 11 hours ago readline: Wrong tab completion scope indices in Unicode terminals has patch open kunkku   behavior 4
27083 yesterday PYTHONCASEOK is ignored on Windows open eryksun brett.cannon behavior 2
27101 yesterday Compilation of python (modules) for foreign target platform problem. has patch open complement   compile error 5
27111 yesterday redundant variables in long_add and long_sub has patch open Oren Milman     1
27117 yesterday turtledemo does not work with IDLE's new dark theme. open terry.reedy   behavior 1
24235 yesterday ABCs don't fail metaclass instantiation open Devin Jeanpierre     2
27115 yesterday IDLE/tkinter: in simpledialog, <Return> != [OK] click open terry.reedy   behavior 1
27114 yesterday SSLContext._load_windows_store_certs fails with PermissionError has patch open steve.dower steve.dower behavior 2
14196 yesterday Unhandled exceptions in pdb return value display open Simon.Chopin     3
24511 yesterday Add methods for async protocols open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 2
24510 yesterday Make _PyCoro_GetAwaitableIter a public API open yselivanov yselivanov enhancement 4
27103 yesterday regrtest: capture stdout (-W) option is incompatible with refleak hunter (-R) open haypo     1
27095 yesterday Simplify MAKE_FUNCTION has patch open Demur Rumed   performance 4
26915 yesterday Test identity first in membership operation of ItemsView, ValuesView and Sequence in has patch open xiang.zhang   behavior 11
26971 yesterday python v3.5.1: sys.paths not respecting DESTDIRS and DESTSHARED open yaro-yaro   behavior 6
27100 yesterday Attempting to use class with both __enter__ & __exit__ undefined yields __exit__ attribute error has patch open ellingtonjp rhettinger behavior 5
26955 yesterday Implement equivalent to `pip.locations.distutils_scheme` in distutils open sylvain.corlay   enhancement 4
27099 yesterday IDLE: turn builting extensions into regular modules open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 2
24225 yesterday Idlelib: changing file names has patch open Al.Sweigart terry.reedy enhancement 22
26839 yesterday Python 3.5 running on Linux kernel 3.17+ can block at startup or on importing the random module on getrandom() has patch open doko   behavior 23
26439 yesterday ctypes.util.find_library fails when ldconfig/glibc not available (e.g., AIX) has patch open Michael.Felt   behavior 39
27066 yesterday SystemError if custom opener returns -1 has patch open barry barry crash 7
27029 yesterday Remove support of deprecated mode 'U' in zipfile has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
26779 2 days ago pdb continue followed by an exception in the same frame shows incorrect frame linenumber has patch open Sriram Rajagopalan   behavior 3
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