ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
18307 5 minutes ago Relative path in co_filename for zipped modules has patch open vmurashev   behavior 5
33565 1/4 hour ago strange tracemalloc results open thehesiod   behavior 10
33595 7 hours ago FIx references to lambda "arguments" has PR open adelfino docs@python enhancement 1
32092 7 hours ago mock.patch with autospec does not consume self / cls argument has PR open cbelu   behavior 2
33523 7 hours ago loop.run_until_complete re-entrancy to support more complicated codebases in transition to asyncio has PR open fried   enhancement 3
33594 8 hours ago add deprecation since 3.5 for a few methods of inspect. has PR open mbussonn docs@python   1
33361 8 hours ago readline() + seek() on codecs.EncodedFile breaks next readline() open da   behavior 8
33590 8 hours ago sched.enter priority has no impact on execution open sahilmn     4
33593 8 hours ago Support heapq on typed arrays? open da   enhancement 1
33573 10 hours ago statistics.median does not work with ordinal scale open W deW   behavior 5
33533 11 hours ago Provide an async-generator version of as_completed open hniksic   enhancement 4
25457 11 hours ago json dump fails for mixed-type keys when sort_keys is specified open   behavior 13
33592 12 hours ago Document contextvars C API has PR open Elvis.Pranskevichus docs@python enhancement 1
33531 12 hours ago test_asyncio: test_subprocess test_stdin_broken_pipe() failure on Travis CI open vstinner     6
5945 yesterday PyMapping_Check returns 1 for lists has PR open jmillikin   behavior 23
33591 yesterday ctypes does not support fspath protocol has PR open mrh1997     1
33581 yesterday Document "optional components that are commonly included in Python distributions." open Antony.Lee docs@python   2
33586 yesterday 2.7.15 missing release notes on download page open ericvw     1
33238 yesterday AssertionError on await of Future returned by asyncio.wrap_future open Jason Haydaman     3
23749 yesterday asyncio missing wrap_socket (starttls) has patch has PR open gc yselivanov enhancement 40
30618 yesterday readlink for pathlib paths open smheidrich   enhancement 1
26103 yesterday Contradiction in definition of "data descriptor" between (dotted lookup behavior/datamodel documentation) and (inspect lib/descriptor how-to) has PR open Aaron Hall   behavior 11
32411 yesterday Idlelib.browser: stop sorting dicts created by pyclbr has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy performance 6
33580 yesterday Make binary/text file glossary entries follow most common "see also" style has PR open adelfino docs@python   4
33579 yesterday calendar.timegm not always an inverse of time.gmtime open eitan.adler belopolsky enhancement 8
23860 yesterday Failure to check return value from lseek() in Modules/mmapmodule.c has patch has PR open dogbert2   behavior 5
33587 yesterday inspect.getsource performs unnecessary filesystem stat call which is ignored in some circumstances has PR open Pankaj Pandey     2
33468 yesterday Add try-finally contextlib.contextmanager example open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement 1
29640 yesterday _PyThreadState_Init and fork race leads to inconsistent key list has patch has PR open Ján Stanček   crash 14
30940 yesterday Documentation for round() is incorrect. has PR open George K lisroach   20
26819 yesterday _ProactorReadPipeTransport pause_reading()/resume_reading() broken if called before any read is perfored has patch has PR open Fulvio Esposito   behavior 3
33475 yesterday Fix converting AST expression to string and optimize parenthesis has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 4
33476 yesterday String index out of range in get_group(), email/ open Cacadril   behavior 3
33500 yesterday Python TKinter for Mac on latest 2.7.15 still extremely slow vs Windows open Michael Romero   performance 4
30928 2 days ago Copy modified blurbs to idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.7.0 has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 37
32996 2 days ago Improve What's New in 3.7 has PR open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 11
33479 2 days ago Document tkinter and threads has patch has PR open terry.reedy docs@python behavior 9
33521 2 days ago Add 1.32x faster C implementation of asyncio.isfuture(). has patch has PR open jimmylai   performance 8
33576 2 days ago Make exception wrapping less intrusive for __set_name__ calls has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 6
33582 2 days ago formatargspec deprecated but does nto emit DeprecationWarning. has PR open mbussonn docs@python   1
17972 2 days ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open docs@python behavior 9
2504 2 days ago Add gettext.pgettext() and variants support has patch open genepi   enhancement 26
18099 2 days ago wsgiref sets Content-Length: 0 on 304 Not Modified has patch open flox   behavior 3
28240 2 days ago Enhance the timeit module: display average +- std dev instead of minimum has patch has PR open vstinner   performance 33
19251 2 days ago bitwise ops for bytes of equal length has patch open christian.heimes   enhancement 52
33568 2 days ago Inconsistent behavior of non-ascii handling in EmailPolicy.fold has PR open licht-t   behavior 1
33384 2 days ago Build does not work with closed stdin open MartinHusemann   enhancement 6
33342 2 days ago urllib IPv6 parsing fails with special characters in passwords open benaryorg   behavior 2
25156 2 days ago shutil.copyfile should internally use os.sendfile when possible has patch open desbma   enhancement 19
26826 2 days ago Expose new copy_file_range() syscall in os module. has patch open StyXman   enhancement 39
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